Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fancy Dress

People love fancy dress but often have difficulty deciding what to wear. If you give your party a theme it will really help your guests to choose a costume. There are hundreds of themes to choose from and you could narrow it down even further to a theme within a theme. If you love the 1960’s you could choose a broad swinging 60’s party theme or narrow it down to a film stars or musicals from the 60’s fancy dress party.

Themed Fancy Dress – Consider your guests
Have a look at your guest list. What age are they? What era do they come from? What fancy dress outfits will they feel comfortable wearing? Make sure you choose an appropriate theme; if your guest list includes your entire family then Aunt Agatha may not like wearing a short 60’s mini skirt so make sure there will be enough in the category to suit her!!

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