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hristian Siriano is no strange

Christian Siriano is no stranger to fashion collaborations, having already created a clothing line with and cheap-chic shoe collection for Payless since his Project Runway win. But this fall the designer will be following in the stylish footsteps of the show’s supermodel host Heidi Klum, who has her own signature makeup collection with Victoria’s Secret, and branching into beauty with a glam new collection of his own for the brand. The limited-edition Christian Siriano for VS Makeup will include five shadow shades, black liner, three gloss colors, a bronzer-highlighter, makeup brush and a ruffled cosmetic bag. Prices for the collecti

Start with a concealer t

Start with a concealer the color of which should be one shade lighter than the color of your foundation. Dot it accurately on the areas such as under-eye circles and blemishes with your finger tip or sponge for perfection.
If you have chosen concealer that tends to cake, you should apply eye cream before applying concealer. Always choose the foundation that perfectly matches with your skin tone. After applying foundation as dots over the central area of the face, slowly spread it over with your tips of finger or makeup sponge.
In order to retain the foundation and concealer for long time, use pressed or loose power. Using pressed power to touch up during whole day around is also required to keep the foundation
After doing your eyebrows, you should apply powdered eyebrow shadow for natural appeal rather than using pencils. Hard and slanted brush is ideal for eyebrow shadowing. There are light, medium and dark eyeshadows to choose from. Dark shades in thin line should be applied on upper eyelid, medium shade should be applied for the crease and light shade under the
Now, to choose the perfect eyeliner. You can choose from eyeliner cake, eyeliner pencil or many others. You can acquire darker look by applying the outer two-thirds on the lower eyelid and all the way across the upper lid. You can apply mascara to upper and lower lashes according to the color of you skin. Brown shades would be good for fair-skinned people, and black or brown-black would be ideal for darker coloring.
You can also try trendy colors like plum or navy for fun. Applying blushing enhances your looks on the cheeks. Choose suitable lipstick according to your skin tone. Drawing outlines with lipliners are be


arlett Johansson is rocking quite a different look on this cover of Elle France, right. It’s not just the dark hair that struck me, but the apparent absence of makeup. Now clearly there is some product there, and some retouching is always done, but the effect is that she’s not wearing any makeup and it’s an interesting style for a fashion magazine cover.
I’m already a big fan of the “no-makeup” makeup look. It’s quick and easy to do every day and while I still love to play around with bright lips or heavily-lined eyes, I also like being able to fake a n
Start with great skin
Kind of an obvious one, but if you want to be minimal with base, you’ll need to have your skin looking its best - a home facial followed by an enriching moisturiser is a good start to get your skin glowing.
Put down the foundation, pick up the concealer
You need to work with a light hand here, but once you find the right concealer for you, it can work miracles on under-eye circles or redness. Whether you like to apply it with a brush or your fingertip, make sure to blend it in

Pink Collection

s a really wearable day shade; a shimmery nude with a hint of pink, and while Bamboo Pink is a bit too old for my shocking-brights taste, millions disagree with me: it’s one of Clinique’s best-selling lipsticks, and the brand have just launched a small limited edition collection of makeup to complement it. All is 100% perfect for day wear, making it a great buy for work.
The Bamboo Pink collection features a couple of really nice limited edition pieces like the Colour Surge Eye Shadow Quad, top left. At €31, you get four pinky-brown shadows with a hint of shimmer. Plus points for the packaging too - I am really liking the perspex and chrome palettes and compacts Clinique launched last year. This one has a moulded lid, so it’s even nicer, and ideal for in-office touch-ups too.
Also limited is the Fresh Bloom Allover Colour compact in Bamboo Pink,which you dust on for an all-over hint of colour and shimmer; the Shimmering Stripes Powder Blusher in Cabana Pink, and Cream Shaper for Eyes in Chocolate Lustre and Cocoa
And if you’re already a fan of

Primer Potions

tops for autumn /winter. On counter in September will be three new launches: Ink for Eyes, Complexion Primers and separate Lip and Eyelash Primer Potions.
Lets kick off with Ink for Eyes, yeah? Five jewel shades (green, purple, navy, green, black, brown) will be on offer, packaged in slim compacts decorated with a peacock on the outer case. But that’s not the big news - nope, each is imbued with a fandango called Nylon 12 technology, which helps stretch the formula across skin while cutting down on jagged edges and drag. Oil absorption and long-wear abilities are also built in. Sounds ace - looking forward to giving these a go. You’ll find ‘em at UD stockists in September for €20

amentally a natural

amentally a natural look. Applying go-anywhere face makeup is quick, simple and easy to achieve, and it gives you confidence, because you know it looks good. Rely on the basic look during the day, then adapt for stunning evening effect. Let’s have a look at the simple steps on how to apply makeup for day and night.

st eye makeup contains

st eye makeup contains preservatives. But bacteria or fungi can still grow in the makeup or on its applicators, where it can be easily transferred to your eye. Follow these recommendations when using eye makeup to help prevent eye infection: Wash your hands before putting on your Use throwaway applicators, or wash applicators and brushes with soap and water often. Don't use an old applicator in a new product.

Replace your eye makeup every six months - more often if you wear contact lenses. After an eye infection, buy new eye makeup products and throw away the old ones. * Never share eye makeup or applicators or brushes with anyone. Don't try eye makeup "testers" in a store. Instead, test it by applying it to the back of your hand with a clean cotton Don't use water or saliva to wet your eye makeup. They are breeding grounds for bacteria. Don't use makeup labeled "natural" or "preservative-free." These products don't contain ingredients that prevent bacterial growth. If your eyes are sensitive to preservatives, get hypoallergenic products.
Always take your eye makeup off before you go to sleep.
Keep your eye cosmetics out of extreme heat or cold. That can cause preservatives to break down and trigger the growth of bacteria.
Read labels. Don't use eye makeup with color additives, like kohl, that have been banned by the Food and Drug Administration for containing dangerous ingredients like lead

afternoon in the park. Likewise

get rid of problems of makeup for getting makeup tips there 1
The liquid eyeliner you used yesterday for your lunch in a dark restaurant will be overkill at an afternoon in the park. Likewise, your high school look may not be serving you as well in your
Seasonal changes also call for different colors. Your foundation especially should change from winter to summer. Even if you regularly use sunblock, the shade of your face will change from occasional sun exposure, and your overall look in a warm climate may call for a deeper shade.
Foundation is tricky to get right. If you're not happy with the shade you bought, take it back and exchange it for another. You can also keep a darker and lighter shade, then use a fresh container to blend your own shade. Messy, but probably more accurate.
Start small. Experiment with new lipstick colors rather than the same old shade everyday. If you recognize a need for change but can't identify what to do, seek professional help.
Quality cosmetic lines often have free makeup lessons in hopes of enticing you to buy their product. If you're happy with the results, it's a fair trade. When you're really at a loss, less is
Too much of a bad thing can look plain clownish.

n Motion Eau De Toilette Spray

In Motion Eau De Toilette Spray
A natural fresh, spicy & woody scent
Top notes are orange, basil flowers, violet leaves
Middle notes are cinnamon bark, nutmeg oil & pink pepper
Eau De Toilette Spra
sophisticated, intriguing & desirable fragrance
ncapsulated by the re-invention of an edible note basmati rice
reates a very feminine scent with a more mature character
mbodies very spirit of modern relationships
otes of mandarin, casis, lychee, jasmine, rose, basmati rice
lended with sandalwood, amber, musk Bottom notes are w

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eauty tips to Dawn Skinner froThe B

ver, and provide Dawn with some usable fashion advice and beauty tips. To be honest, I didn't know what to expect walking into the Cougar's den. The first words out of her mouth were "Are you the guy that's going to make me cougar-lishious?" She immediately set the tone for the rest of the day - fun, fun, fun, and more fun!

My two years on the "So Chic" television show with Chris Hyndman and Steven Sabados gave me the tools to break this wildcat. By doing makeovers for literally dozens of women, all

you are trying to maintain that

oss is made with ginkgo biloba, pomegranate seed antioxidants, marine botanicals, moisturizing avocado oil and an exclusive formula of Goji Berry-C
ll as the daughter of actress Isabella Rosselini–Lancome has launched Juicy Tubes Pure Premium Unique Raw Elements, a ten piece collection that includes a new formula of the gloss made with ninety five percent natural ingredients and one hundred percent natural flavors certified by EcoCert without sacrificing one bit of the original sparkle and high intensity shine. The new formula includes natural oils and shea butter emollient, it is also paraben free. Being a Lancome first, the carton the glosses come in is 100% recyclable. Okay, these are all great baby steps for the French company! Unfortunately the eco-friendly glosses are only temporary since they are limited edition. Shades include Sweet Soy, Ginger Root, Bare
you are trying to maintain that awesome tan you’ve been working on for the last few weeks, you may need to do some some soothing before you create some serious damage to the epidermis. I will admit, I had my days as a sun bathing beauty, and still love to get in a session here or there (I am definitely not referring to the tanning booth). But now, after literally having had spent years in the sun getting a deep, dark tan, I take it a bit easier on my poor skin and actually wear sunscreen instead of slathering on oil which will leave anyone, not just me, cooking like a chicken. I try to stay between an SPF of 15 to 30. This coverage allows me to both tan and stay protected. If you opt for the tanning oil and think sunblock is for fools, OR if you accidentally fall asleep and the burn was inevitable, its good to have an after sun skin soother on hand…Burt’s Bees–creator of almost all things good, natural and sweet-smelling has their own after sun soothe

the songstress take a

the songstress take a more mature and bold approach for this release, covering more contemporary tracks such as Evanescence's Bring Me To Life and Sarah Maclachlan's Angel.
Katherine has been promoting the album hard, making television appearances on shows including Piers Morgan's Life Stories.
Amid her tour of the country to attend signings, she squeezed in an appearance at the weekend at London's G-A-Y where she poured her figure into a sexy black PVC number.
She also had a Marilyn Monroe moment this week when she disembarked from her helicopter in
Read more:

One cosmetics boss dubbed th

One cosmetics boss dubbed the phenomenon the 'Lipstick Index' after the product that benefited
But, perhaps appropriately given that the current recession is deeper than most, today's women are turning to foundation to cope with being in the red.
Sales of foundation rose by 15 per cent, compared with 2.5 per cent in the lipstick market, as women pursue flawless skin to weather their financial woes.
It is thought that they may be wanting to pull off an understated look during the recession, rather than the brighter appearance of lipstick.
Experts at L'Oreal are now saying that the 'Foundation Factor' has taken over from the 'Lipstick Index' as a guide to the economic climate.
In a survey carried out by the beauty company, they discovered that most women now cite foundation as the one product they could not live without.
Only the over-60s said they valued their lipstick more than any other product in their make-up .
It was Estee Lauder chairman Leonard Lauder who coined the phrase 'Lipstick Index' during the U.S. recession in 2001. Indeed, the beauty business is still going strong while other retail sectors struggle, with 82 per cent of women saying make-up cheers them up and 88 p
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most half the people questioned in

most half the people questioned in the L'Oreal survr cent, felt that wearing makeup gave them 'an edge' over their colleagues at work.
In London this figure shot up to 63 per cent.
Leading psychotherapist Lucy Beresford explained: 'Literally putting on a brave face is a good ps
Read more:
Choosing and wearing make-up lifts the spirits, and is all part of healthy self-nurture, which is essential for our well being.'
However, even when it comes to cosmetics, some women are cutting back on a few extra luxuries.
Consumers are shopping around for multi-purpose beauty products - sales of two-in-one facewash have gone up by 5.4 per cent - and they are also comparing prices to make sure they
The L'Oreal poll, which surveyed 1,000 women, also found that home hair- colouring kits have gained popularity in the past few months, seeing a 7 per cent increase in sales.
A further survey by market researchers Nielsen shows sales of nail varnish have gone up by 11.2 per cent as women opt for home manicures to save money.
Grita Loebsack, the managing director of L'Oreal UK, said: 'It is clear that consumers are looking to cosmetics to cheer themselves up and that looking good is still important when times are hard.
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Face Make Up


A BEAUTIFUL FACE STARTS WITH BEAUTIFUL SKIN. No matter how beautiful your Makeup looks , blemished skin detracts from it attracting unwanted attention to your skin. Using a Skin Care Kit (CLEANSER, TONER , MOISTURIZER and a MASQUE) created for your skin type will help you attain and maintain beautiful healthy glowing skin.

Below are 5 Steps to applying Makeup. For the best possible results you should apply your Makeup after you have have used a CLEANSER, TONER and MOISTURIZER. A Masque should be used at least once weekly for deep cleaning.

STEP 1: FOUNDATION: After CLEANSING, TONING and MOISTURIZING your face apply a small amount of foundation to the tip of your index finger, dot on forehead, nose, cheeks and chin then blend in an upward and outward motion without leaving a line. Be sure to apply foundation over your eyelids and blend without leaving a line. Glance in the mirror to ensure there’s no line. You can use a concealer to cover imperfections such as blemishes and dark spots. You can use our NATU-CLEAR to clear up your skin.

STEP 2: TRANSLUCENT POWDER: Using a Powder Brush apply Translucent Powder in a downward motion for a smooth finish. Translucent Powder helps eye makeup and blush to go on smoother and blend better. It also keeps your face looking fresh and your Makeup will last longer. Model is wearing our Medium Translucent Powder . $12.50. Click here to order it.


STEP 3 EYE MAKEUP: Starting at your lash line, apply your Base Color (A) first, then apply your crease color in the crease area (B). Apply your Highlight Color in the highlight color area, (C) below the brow bone. Finally, blend the colors with a cotton ball or your fingertip to remove any obvious line. If the colors are too bright tone them down with a little Translucent Powder then apply your Mascara, and dust your entire face downward with Translucent Powder. See our Eye Makeup Link below.

STEP 4 BLUSH: Your Blush should go on the apples of your cheeks to radiate when you smile. It should go no closer to your nose, but directly beneath the iris of your eye; below nostril-level and into your temple hairline. A good Blush Brush that’s tapered for precise placement, is a must.

STEP 5 LIPSTICKS: Define the outline of your lips with a professional lip brush or lip liner pencil that closely matches the color of your lipstick. Then apply your lipstick and blend the liner with a lip brush. Start from the center working outwards as indicated here.

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I know I'm a little late

I know I'm a little late in featuring this Spring 2007 number and even though a lot of people would find this bag akin to a home economics project that has gone awry, I still think that the creative process that came up with this bag is pretty astounding. The inspiration: macaroons. Marc Jacobs and his team had to collaborate on the proper placement of each and every button, each and every color. It wasn't just randomly sewed onto the bag as I ignorantly thought. LVoe it!!! These and much more can be gleaned from the fabulous documentary I previously featured. To purchase DVD, refer to my previous post. Vuitton

LVbabydoll from

LVbabydoll from the Purse Forum posted this pic of a wonderful Multicolore Fringed Speedy cake just in time for the celebrations. This week has been full of blessings left and right! One of my friends just bought a loft in downtown Sacramento, the other moved into a loft to start a new life with his partner and lastly another friend just became a new citizen of this great country. Congratz guyz!!! LVoe it!!!

Karen Millen Dress

If I had to choose a free wardrobe from any store it would be Karen Millen. All the designs seem to be classic, timeless but also, always bang on trend. This dress for example hits 6 of them, satin, jewel hued, pleated, fishtail, puffball and bows. Phew! Wear this little number to a wedding this summer and you will be sure to upstage the bride!

osmetics From Primark

imark is selling cosmetics and beauty products starting from £1 and it got me wondering... Wearing cheap clothing is one thing; a button might fall off but at that price you are probably only planning to wear it a few times anyway. When it comes to cosmetics and face creams there are ingredients and chemicals to think about. I worry that inferior components might end up causing you more trouble than it's worth.

I have tried their body scrub and body lotion, and would say that they were worth the pound but no more. A bit too liquid and a bit of an odd scent if I am perfectly honest. I would stick to something from Boots as there are always great offers, that way you needn't spend much more than a quid and can get a lot more for your money.

Has anyone else sampled the Primark cosmetic range yet? If yes, what do you think of it? Any ideas why I am happy to buy clothes at bargain prices, but am more cautious when it comes to beauty products?

GIVEAWAY - 2true Cosmetics Goodies

The best thing about these cosmetics is the price. It means you grab a crazy colour lipstick, eyeshadow or nail polish without feeling guilty for never wearing it again. Not that I suggest we are that wasteful, but I do suggest you don't invest lots of money in those items or colours that you are just trying out. There are also some great everyday essentials and although I won't be switching from my favourite brands completely, I would consider buying some of my basics from 2true at Superdrug.

I have been wearing the Glossywear Lipstick and All Over Natural Bronzing Powder as these were two things that I was lacking in my make-up kit. I'm really happy with the bronzer. I usually use a cheapie anyway, either Rimmel or No17, and this performs as well as they do. It doesn't look too orange or too powdery which are the biggest dangers with bronzing products. The lipstick feels moisturising on the lips and the colour (no.6) is subtle and suits my skintone

First thing to say is that fo

have been wearing the Glossywear Lipstick and All Over Natural Bronzing Powder as these were two things that I was lacking in my make-up kit. I'm really happy with the bronzer. I usually use a cheapie anyway, either Rimmel or No17, and this performs as well as they do. It doesn't look too orange or too powdery which are the biggest dangers with bronzing products. The lipstick feels moisturising on the lips and the colour (no.6) is subtle and suits my skintone.

First thing to say is that for some reason this product is not rated very highly on the Boots website, and I just can't understand it. I nearly always buy No. 7 mascara and whenever i stray to another brand I'm disappointed. This latest launch at Boots works perfectly. The square brush is different but by no means difficult to use. You get lots of mascara on with one swipe and it's not too runny or lumpy, which are my two mascara pet peeves. Save up your points and get yourself some I say.

If I had to choose a free wardrobe from any store it would be Karen Millen. All the designs seem to be classic, timeless but also, always bang on tre

Gladiator sandals have been a celebrity favourite for a good couple of seasons, but this summer this sandal style will be everywhere. The look has hit new heights as straps get further and further toward the knee. Heels or flats are great, and try blacks, browns and all kinds of metallics to be really on trend. Have a gander at some more gladior goodies below...

TRENDS - Loud Lips

Reds and oranges are the way to go for this trend. The catwalk sported every colour under the sun, but keep things wearable. A bit of fuschia and plum can look great too. Lily Allen was recently seen sporting Claret lips but things tend to lighten up for summer.

Brights have been big in every other aspect of fashion so it seems obvious that lips would also follow suit. Just take it easy on the rest of your make up, the lips are the focus here. Also make sure your lips are in great condition, scrub them and use a moisturising treatment to avoid any flakes or bleeding of the lip colour.


nline shopping is the way to go for a consumer looking for convenience and efficiency. What could be easier than sitting in your own living room, picking out a new TV from the comfort of your recliner? But aside from this convenience, online shoppers get a benefit that brick-and-mortar shoppers don’t – great deals and discounts.

Shopping online allows for simple and quick price comparisons between different merchants on virtually any product and retailers often offer promotions to their online customers that aren’t available in the store. Here are some great resources that will help you save money and gas.


I have thick hair, which is a nightmare to dry. I need a hairdryer like this one, ultra powerful, yet quiet and lightweight. Throw in the funky animal print and you have a product for any girl's wish list. I may spend a lot of money on hair straighteners, but I just can't quite justify shelling out for a hairdryer, so here is a gentle hint... if you are stuck


ou don't have to be going to a wedding this summer to have some fancy head wear. The celebs are sticking just about anything on their heads at the moment, just look at Sarah Jessica Parker and Dita Von Teese. Go for something quite striking, with feathers or crystals. I would suggest we avoid the miniature hat look that certain people have been sporting, it is a bit too 'Alice in Wonderland' to be taken seriously. Here are some ideas...

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Fall Beauty Tips for Moms

ve it to a living beauty legend to rethink a makeup basic. Tucked into the lid of Hutton's No Shine Tinted Moisturizer is a shadow-brightening sheer concealer with a minuscule mirror. $30, Lauren Hutton

 Instant Om
Peace of Mind On-the-Spot Relief

A bona fide classic, this mentholated meltdown preventer can be dabbed on all manner of hot spots, including the temples, the earlobes, and the back of the neck. $10, Origins

Arch de Triomphe
Idea Village Products
Luma Tweeze

Who hasn't glanced at her reflection in a shop window and shuddered at unruly brows (or, worse, a random chin hair)? Beautify on the fly or in a dimly lit bathroom with this cool tweezer, equipped with a flip-up magnifying lens and a battery-powered light. $10

Clean Slate
Jemma Kidd
Ultra Soft Cleansing Wipes

These truly handy wipes hydrate skin with sweet-almond extract, yet remain effective at the central task of dislodging makeup and grime. $10, Neiman Marcus

 Jaw Dropper
Allure Rouge Luminous Satin Lip Colour

Click open the sleek case to reveal a velvety, shea butter–infused lipstick emblazoned with the luxury giant's coveted logo. It's like wearing your sexiest underwear on an ordinary day. Available in 22 shades. $29, Chanel

 Root Eraser
Color Mark

Use the precision brush, which applies a temporary dye that goes on like liquid eyeliner, to kick stray grays to the curb. Available in 12 shades, the color sets in seconds—saving you a solid hour of salon ti

Is your hair hankering for

Is your hair hankering for a bit of hydration after braving the winter months? Well thanks to Herbal Essences your locks are in for a wonderful and welcoming change. Herbal Essences Hello Hydration is perfectly formulated to quench the thirst of your parched tresses. Herbal Essences Hello Hydration is a moisturizing shampoo & conditioner enriched with orchid and coconut to replenish lost moisture and give you healthy-looking, shiny hair. Hello Hydration is just that surprisingly cheap and ultra cheerful shampoo and conditioner you’ve been after!

Betty WhoEmmanuel

ere’s nothing Betty Davis eyes about those arresting peepers. These super polished and super beautiful eyes are courtesy of the ever-so-talented and ultra charming Tom Pecheaux for Emmanuel Ungaro AW08. When asked…the dashing Tom Pecheaux wanted us to know all about those uber alluring and exceedingly sultry eyes created from sheer M.A.C. genius:

Cue eyes built up in winged, multi-dimensional shadow, a seamless mix of eyeshadow in Showstopper and Carbon (to make ebony bro

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ail art is the most hap

ail art is the most happening thing in the world of fashion today. With the ongoing trends in the commercial hub enthralling the trendsetters, nail fashion has emerged as quite a craze. Let us explore this style statement as a temporary art to adorn our bodies!

il art is no more restricted t

ail art is no more restricted to models and celebrities only. Nowadays even teenagers have become very fussy about how their hands look. They go for nail extensions, quick manicures and different nice styles on the nails. Nail art designs are becoming more and more innovative these days being high in demand. Many people go in for their individualized designs.ail art is no more restricted to models and celebrities only. Nowadays even teenagers have become very fussy about how their hands look. They go for nail extensions, quick manicures and different nice styles on the nails. Nail art designs are becoming more and more innovative tail art is no more restricted to models and celebrities only. Nowadays even teenagers have become very fussy about how their hands look. They go for nail extensions, quick manicures and different nice styles on the nails. Nail art designs are becoming more and more innovative these days being high in demand. Many people go in for their individualized designs.hese days being high in demand. Many people go in for their individualized designs.

Nail jewelry is another em

th so many newer trends being seen today, nail designing and nail sculpting is on the fashion rage nowadays. Previously, seen more common in Korea and Japan, today, this fashion craze is spreading like forest fire all across the globe. Nail designs is now a common practice seen in the styled-up models on the runway.

Nail art is the hottest craze in town! Some consider nail design as a part of self-expression. For some, some enjoy pampering themselves by going to salons and getting their nails beautifully designed with artistic patterns.

Nail Designing isn’t at all a tough job. Anyone can try it at home, even you. All you need is a creative sense and the following tips to get you in the mood for sculpting:


Who said stickers are just meant for little kiddies who get fascinated with the colors and images?! Stickers make a perfect design and without much effort. Just get some cute nail stickers for yourself. To get on with it, first a regular manicure would do, but do not apply the transparent the coat just yet. Put the sticker on each nail and then apply a fresh coat for transparent polish. Applying two coats would be perfect.

Nail jewelry, brightstones, rhinestones and pearls

Nail jewelry is another embellishment for a perfect look. Simply follow the above mentioned steps with the stickers, or even some brightstones. Nail jewelry is easily available and gives a fine trendy look. Also, try rhinestones, pearls etc. adding these gemstones would give a glamorous look to your nails.
To add a more sparkling touch, try glittery nail polishes. Otherwise, you can also use loose glitter.

Design with colors

This is the oldest and infact the richest in creativity technique in nail designing. You can easily do it using different nail polish shades and create various patterns and figures on it. It’s not necessary that French manicure can only be done by applying light pink or white. You may use brighter richer shades as well. This method is one of the easiest and most convenient in nail patterning.

e a lot of hand and foo

e a lot of hand and foot salons adding nail art to their list of services. I can understand why women love having their nails done and consequently, adding some art into it and not just plain colors. It is another way of expressing oneself and standing out of the crowd.

We often consider our nails as just a simple part of our hands and feet. But with nail art becoming popular among the middle class, it's changing everyone's perspective and ordinary people are beginning to appreciate the artistic beauty of creative nail arts.

Here are some nail art pictures which I was able to gather from the internet: (If you wan

rim your nails and then

rim your nails and then apply a thin and even base coat.
se a tip guide on your nail, which covers the lower part of your nail.
ly white polish to the exposed tips of your fingernails, and let them dry.
er a few minutes, remove the nail tip guides and apply two coats of beige polish.
ensure that your French manicure lasts, apply a layer of topcoat on your nails every alternate day.

For a relaxing manicure that regenerates and nourishes your skin and moisturizes your hands and fingers, follow these few simple steps.

ak your hands in lukewarm water with salts and flower petals.
le and buff your nails. Clean your cuticles with cuticle oil to smoothens the tips.
se a cleansing lotion to residues and wrap the hands in a towel.
se a scrub on your hands to massage them for a few minutes.
pply a hand pack followed by a massage cream.
ash your hands then apply nail polish using a base coat first followed by two coa

resentable, they can

resentable, they can also reveal many things about your health. Today nail art has become a craze all over the world and there are numerous things that you can do to make your hands (and feet) look absolutely gorgeous!!! The most popular today is the French manicure, which is followed by nail art designs painted on the nail bed. And remember it is essential you get a manicure or a pedicure at least once every fortnight to keep your nail

g fashion accessories

ng fashion accessories in different ways is one of the easiest ways to make you look like you have a larger wardrobe than you do. By adding a scarf, subtracting a belt, rotating shoes, etc., you can make a small inventory of clothes look like a bottomless closet.

But what if you have a "thing" (others might call it an obsession) for a particular type of accessory -- like hats, purses, or bracelets - that you just can't seem to get enough of? Own up to it. Profess it. Then use those pi

re is a very brief loo

re is a very brief look into her past. Vivienne Isabel Swire was born in Glossopdale, Derbyshire, on 8 April 1941. Her mother had been a weaver in the local cotton mills and her father came from a family of shoemakers. Her parents ran a sub post office in Tintwistle before moving to north-west London in the 1950's.

In 1965 she met Malcolm McLaren together they went on to become one of the most creative partnerships in history and as they say the rest is history.

Vivienne Westwood accepted a DBE in the 2006 New Year's Honours List "for services to fashion", She has won the award for British Designer of the Year three times. In December 2003, she and the Wedgwood pottery company l

For a polished look,

For a polished look, choose hats that do not cover your ears. Outdoor hats that cover your ears are quite appropriate, but indoor hats that accessorize an outfit should leave your ears available for showing off a nice pair of fashionable earrings. In addition, stick with hats that have a neutral color such as: black, brown, or tan. If you accessorize with a brightly colored hat, the look will be too strong and will detract from the natural beauty of your fac

Unique styles, above all

Unique styles, above all other rationalizations must be considered before making the purchase. If someone is not happy with what they have purchased, regardless of the price, it is a pointless endeavor. Though the majority of women that purchase new shoes are looking for a combination of style and frugality, it is statistically shown that almost all women that purchase designer shoes do so because they want to and the product they are buying is what is Women's designer shoes can cost anywhere from $100 to several thousand dollars a pair. Brand names and play a large role in the amount of value placed on issues that are available in most major stores. Although having shoes in itself is not a personal fashion statement, it is more of a show of style and fashion to others around her and state her preferences and prioFor a polished look, choose hats that do not cover your ears. Outdoor hats that cover your ears are quite appropriate, but indoor hats

Shoes are not simply for

Shoes are not simply for casual wear. They are worn to social events, special occasions such as weddings, reunions, and social gatherings of all kinds. This is not to say that women are not conscientious of price when it comes to buying designer brands such as Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, Coach, and Prada. Brand names are a plusDurability is also a factor that is important when considering the purchase of any footwear. If you are going to pay $500 for a pair of shoes, regardless of the brand name, the purchaser should expect it to be a long-lasting item. Protection is also a factor that must be considered. Although designer footwear is not created with the same intention as a hiking boot, they should always cater safety and the fashion conscientious crowd. Repeat customers are always the mainstay of any long-term business. but style and appearance does not always correlate with what is well known.

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etailers understand that women's designer shoes are a valuable commodity even in our recessive economy. According to statistical information, women do not merely regard shoes as a tool to protect their feet, but are more of a fashion statement that can also influence their emotional state and self-image.

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She was born in a Punjabi family in New Delhi, India and completed her schooling there. She moved to MumbMeera Jasmine was born on February 15, 1984 in Kuttappuzha. Meera Jasmine , with a beautiful smile, talented actress is one of the hottest stars in India. look her face, very in 1997 and started her career with ad films and Hindi music video albums.

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akistan is a place where women like any other country like to custom design their clothes. More diverse clothing options give them more range as compared to women in the others country.