Tuesday, October 20, 2009

hen it comes to textile and

hen it comes to textile and embroidery, it is one of the industries in which Pakistan excels. High quality embroidery with sequins, glasswork, thread, beads, shells and thin wire depicts the true eastern culture. Pakistani Clothes comes out in a variety of patterns and designs, usually worn mix and match, and for those who like to be different solid colors are adorned with block prints, screen-printing or are hand painted to add exclusivity.

Pakistani Fashion is not only restricted to the upper class but also maidservants and the shopkeepers have an aesthetic fashion sense. Weddings, events, festivals and parties are a display of the hottest Pakistani Fashion trends.

In Pakistan, fashion has evolved over time. As the society is moving close to advancement, more attention is being paid to the manner of dress and lifestyle.

Mix and Match!! Create your own style!! Western, Indian, Oriental, Folk etc. contemporary fashion amasses every facet. Designer industry is booming and there are quite a few very

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