Tuesday, October 27, 2009

GIVEAWAY - 2true Cosmetics Goodies

The best thing about these cosmetics is the price. It means you grab a crazy colour lipstick, eyeshadow or nail polish without feeling guilty for never wearing it again. Not that I suggest we are that wasteful, but I do suggest you don't invest lots of money in those items or colours that you are just trying out. There are also some great everyday essentials and although I won't be switching from my favourite brands completely, I would consider buying some of my basics from 2true at Superdrug.

I have been wearing the Glossywear Lipstick and All Over Natural Bronzing Powder as these were two things that I was lacking in my make-up kit. I'm really happy with the bronzer. I usually use a cheapie anyway, either Rimmel or No17, and this performs as well as they do. It doesn't look too orange or too powdery which are the biggest dangers with bronzing products. The lipstick feels moisturising on the lips and the colour (no.6) is subtle and suits my skintone

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