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Flaunt your feminine side in this lovely

Flaunt your feminine side in this lovely diwali saree embellished with sequined motifs and embroidery. Lovely diwali saree gives you excelled look over others. Embellishments- sequins, beads, stone,resham, kasab work etc
Impressive beads dotted saree with embroidery work will greatly enhance your look this diwali. Diwali and the wedding women wear amazing beads dotted saree. Amazing Beads dotted diwali saree a beautiful remembrance for the lifetime. Embellishments- sequins

Diwali Dresses Sparkle

Sparkle this diwali with this fascinating motifs scattered diwali saree. Border is also motifs dotted. It has attractive work choli. Embellishments- sequins, beads, stones, kora, naqsi, zardozi etc

Saturday, February 20, 2010

One of the most striking

One of the most striking and beautiful sarees over the past century have been the Parsi work sarees also known as the Grara embroidery sarees. At Kaneesha, we have revived the ancient Parsi culture by bringing to you the Parsi work sarees. Originally a form of colorful embroidery introduced by the Parsis in the 19th century the Parsi work sarees have an influence of the Chinese traditional embroidery. Our maxim at Kaneesha is to preserve the Indian and Asian fashion and the Parsi work sarees are a prominent part of it

watch for every outfit! When it comes to your

watch for every outfit! When it comes to your wardrobe, you like to mix and match. Why not do the same with your watch? Designing your own watch is an easy way to have a stylish timepiece to match every outfit. Each band and face is interchangeable and easily stretches to fit over your wrist all you have to do is connect the band to the clasps on the ends of each face. Each band easily stretches to fit your wrist. When you want to change your look, just choose another band and attach it to the face and slip it on. With literally hundreds of combinations to choose from, the possibilities are practically endless!
To find your size, just measure around your wrist.
Small fits wrists that are approximately" in circumference.
Medium fits approximately".
Large fits

Elisa Ilana is widely known for our custom

Elisa Ilana is widely known for our custom jewelry and support of cancer research and cancer awareness through our cancer awareness jewelry collection. Our Spectacular Cancer Awareness Bracelet as seen in In Style, Vogue, W, Bon Appetit, Vanity Fair, Lucky, Architectural Digest and others is our most widely known cancer bracelet and the centerpiece of our awareness jewelry collection. Elisa Ilana also offers prostate cancer awareness jewelry, aids awareness jewelry, American Heart Association jewelry, breast cancer awareness jewelry, diversity awareness jewelry, and general cancer awareness jewelry. Our cancer jewelry collection is of the highest quality and is unlike any other cancer jewelry currently available. Our Breast cancer bracelets are made from the highest quality Swarovski crystal, sterling silver and 14 karat filled gold balls.

Elisa Ilana is also an official reseller of Pandora Jewelry. Pandora charm jewelry is only available through authorized resellers; Elisa Ilana is a Preferred Pandora Jewelry retailer who has achieved gold status. We offer the entire Pandora Jewelry line of products including all the Pandora Jewelry charms, Pandora Jewelry match collection and the Pandora Jewelry glass beads collection.

Elisa Ilana also offers beautiful mother's bracelets (also known as name bracelets, grandmother's name bracelets, birthstone bracelets or brag bracelets) which can be customized to your liking. Our name bracelets and mother's bracelets are made of the highest quality products including sterling silver, 14 - 24 karat gold, Swarovski crystals and the most beautiful gems and stones available.

The Elisa Ilana Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet is found in numerous women's publications. Our Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet is one of our top sellers with a significant

These interchangeable beaded id

These interchangeable beaded id bracelets are made of the finest quality beads, 925 sterling silver and wire and can be attached to any of the plaques shown. Pick the plaque that meets your engraving needs, and then choose the appropriate length bead bracelet. For example, if you choose a 1 ½ inch plaque and you typically wear a 7 ½ bracelet, you will need to order a 6 inch bead bracelet to achieve the total length of 7 ½ inches. Engrave any of the plaques below using traditional (etched in) engraving or black laser engraving.Sticky Jewelry is proud to partner with the Links of Hope Network, a not-for-profit organization that teaches jewelry-making skills to Honduran women so they can provide ongoing support for their families. Links of Hope Network is committed to changing the lives of impoverished women by providing work that earns them more than minimum wage, and which they can do at home without having to leave their families. The Links of Hope charm attached to each of our beaded bracelets symbolizes the link you will establish with hard-working artisans and their hope for a better future when

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This is a best wedding dress Sherwan

This is a best wedding dress Sherwani and I know this tradition is very old but generally in moment come back this Sherwani tradition. And this is very expensive I mean different quality based wedding dress Sherwani I show different costhree day’s to go for New Year so its time to prepare you-self for New Year eve party. There are some tips to jazz up yourself and make heads turn when you enter. New Year is the perfect occasion to flaunt that sensuous dress and get showered with compliments.ndian weddings are famous in the world because of its traditional flavor of wedding and its traditional wedding dresses are famous in the world that is still with their typical traditions the leaving styles are changed but wadding dresses are not change that are famous in the world and keeping as the superb look and good fits that all are particular dresses. after watching that dress any one can understand that is a wadding dress.
That dresses famous in the world because of their heavy embroidery and goata and Dark colors as that you are watching in snap that dress you are watching on snap you can’t believe for constructing that all work don by hands no machinery use to construct that dress after all work that get its real shape and look as a traditional dress during construction dresses pass from many stages and after final touch get its real traditional flavor of wedding and ready for a bride.

op: Off white chiffon top with

op: Off white chiffon top with embellishments on neckline and waist. Round neck. Cap Sleeves. Scalloped hemline. Fully lined with satin. Concealed zip closure on back.
Bottom/Skirt: Off white chiffon straigh skirt has embellishments at the bottom. Full lined. Concealed zip closure on side.
Jacket: Off white chiffon long jacket embellished from the bottom at the back. Sheer long bell sleeves with embellishments at the hem.
Dupatta/Veil: Off white chiffon dupatta with 3 inches embellishments border on all 4 sides and light work in the center. Finished with edges.
Embellishments made with beads, sequins, resham, kora, dabka, zardosi and Swarovski crystals. 100% hand embellished. 100% pure imported

Oyster charmeuse silk

Oyster charmeuse silk fishtail bridal dress. Embellished bodice has French knots. Thread, sequins, beads work along with diamante detailing. Scalloped bottom. 100% hOyster charmeuse silk fishtail bridal dress. Embellished bodice has French knots. Thread, sequins, beads work along with diamante detailing. Scalloped bottom. 100% hand embellished. 100% pure imported fabriand embellished. 100% pure imported fabri

op: Off white Charmeuse silk

op: Off white Charmeuse silk bodice having floral embellishments all over. Light gold Swarovski crystals motifs detailing. Embellished straps. Scoop neckline. Fully lined. Concealed zip closure on back.
Bottom: Off white Charmeuse silk mermaid skit having sweep train. Floral embroidery work on train and hemline along small Swarovski crystal motifs spread all over. Fully lined. Concealed zip closure on side.
Dupatta/Veil: Off white chiffon dupatta having thin floral embroidered border along Swarovski crystal motifs all over. Scattered sequins work all over. Borders finished with lining.
Embellishment work includes sequins, beads, Swarovski crystals, resham, and kora. 100% handmade embellishments. 100% pure imported fabric.

e earliest civilizations to have

e earliest civilizations to have used henna include the Babylonians, Assyrians, Sumerians, Semites, Ugaritics and Canaanites. The earliest written evidence that mentions henna specifically used as an adornment for a bride or woman's special occasion is in the Ugaritic legend of Baal and Anath, inscribed on a tablet dating back to 2100 BC, found in northwest Syria. Henna has also been used extensively in southern China and has been associated with erotic rituals for at least three thousand years, during the ancient Goddess cultures.

ehndi designs are typically very

ehndi designs are typically very intricate and elaborate with the mehndi being applied out of a cone (similar to a cake decorating tube). You can follow a design from a template or, for an easier way, you can put a stencil over your hand and apply the mehndi over the stencil. To make the cones that are used in applying the mehndi, cut plastic freezer bags into 6” squares and then roll it into a cone, leaving a very small opening at the bottom for the mehndi to squeeze out of. Tape the cone into place, leaving no gaps for the mehndi to squirt out from. Fill the bag halfway with the mehndi and then twist the top to keep it in. You can also purchase mehndi cones from Middle-Eastern stores or online if you don't want to make your own. Mehndi designs are not just for Indian brides though, these designs have also been seen on celebrities such as Madonna and Demi Moore. Now that you know a little more about henna, you can try using it to decorate yourself, just as women in India have been doing for thousands of years.

It's a Fantastic latest and new

It's a Fantastic latest and new Indian bridal mehndi design for Out door parties. This Indian mehndi design have beautiful floral design with combination of leafs, and stylish mehndi border. The Finger mehndi designs are also looking beautiful

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New fashion design , new fashion dresses

New fashion design , new fashion dresses , boys fashion , girls fashion ,
Boys fashion with bag this is a new fashion . Short Shirts fashion womens fashion.American idol Fashion.New American Fashion africa designers uk Fashion Fashion us fashion designers.japan garments.big baazar market.All fashion are availble Here.Green dresses orang dresses.
Unfortunately, people will always be judged by their clothing. Fashion changes everyday life by making people feel good about ourselves. Its not what you wear, but how you feel in what you wear. Its how you represent yourself. You can represent yourself in a bad way or a good way. Its up to you!

ashion is base of style.Fashio

ashion is base of style.Fashion create the new men. Fashion create the beauty. Some companys create new fashion like adidas, diesel, lee, benetton,camal gori etc. Bcbg fashion designs, Ecco fashion designs, Bernshaw's fashion, Mudd dresses, are femous in the world.
In other words fashion is a manner who tell us that how to right well and how to make ourself go

bric: Banarsi Silk

bric: Banarsi Silk
Color: Dark Orange and Green)
Details: Banarsi Silk Top has Embellishments on Neck Line, Hem (Daman), Arm hole and front.
Fully lined.
Gharara / Bottom : Dark Orange & Green two tone & two leg Pure Banarsi Silk flared Gharara fully lined, has thick embroidered borders on hem. Can be changed as shalwar or trouser.
Dupatta: Three shaded tye and dye silk dupatta.
Free Bridal Pouch & Arm Band Included with the outfit.
Complimentary embroidery on dupatta.
Embroidery done is pure Royal zardozi work with more emphasis on Dabka and kora , swarovski crystals with very delicate embroidery stitch.
Fabrics would be 100%

ew Dress Design, Pakistani fashion

ew Dress Design, Pakistani fashion dress, indian fashion dress, Ladies Dress Design, Sahri, Lehenga, Shalraw Kameez, Peshwas, Farak, Pen Cot,
Ladies mostly like Shikwar kameer, Kurta and Farak for Parties and for wadding ladies like lehenga.
Gents like Pent Shirt and Pent cot for Parties and for wadding gents like pent cor and sherwani, but sherwani can use on barat day

This set consists of

This set consists of a necklace, jhumkay (hallow bell earrings), and teeka. Comes with a complimentary ring. Robe chain with swarovski crystals tassels. Two layered pendant.

925 Sterling Silver
24kt gold plated
White cubic Zircons
Swarovski crystals
Fully hand made
Additional accessories available
Available in required colours
Made in Pakistan.

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Gold Jewellry For Bridal

Mix a squeeze of mild dish detergent with warm water in a bowl.Put the gold item into the soap mixture and let sit for a few minutes.Use a soft toothbrush to gently scrub the jewelry.Remove item from soapy water, rinse it and dry thoroughly with a soft polishing cloth.

Replica HandbagsWomen’s Designer Handbags replica-handbags Replica handbags have become big sellers on the internet. Women love to see which bags the

Replica handbags have become big sellers on the internet. Women love to see which bags the celebrities are sporting. They want the same and they look for the replicas. They know that the bags the celebrities are carrying are the genuine designer bags. They also know that these bags would cost a fortune and will fall out of fashion soon. Therefore, if you really want a designer replica handbag you should turn to the internet.
There are literally thousands of sellers on the internet screaming about their collection of replica handbags. ‘EBay’ has become another place where sellers try to pass replica bags off as the genuine article. Despite all these sites advertising replica handbags, no one can give a definitive opinion on which sites carry the best replica handbags.
So what do you do? Well ask around. Maybe your friends have bought replica handbags from the net. Some of the replica handbags are so good that they even fool the experts. Alternatively, try and look really closely at the handbags displayed. If the pictures are murky or vague then do not buy from those sites. Alternatively, if a site gives any sort of guarantee and the bag looks good then go ahead and buy it. It will cost less then two hundred dollars. That is far less than spending two thousand dollars!

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ne of the most desired trends in fashion are women’s designer handbags. Women who want to be in style clamor over names like Gucci, Coach, Chanel, Balenciaga, Hermes and many others. These high fashion bags cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. They are carried by the rich and famous because these are some of the only people who can afford them. You may wonder what is so special about these handbags, and why they are so expensive.

The first thing you should know is that you’re purchasing a label. A name. The more sought after the label, the more the item will probably cost. And, if there have been photos of celebrities carrying a bag it is likely to be expensive and hard to get. Even though these handbags are made with the finest materials and expert craftsmanship, for the average Jane a designer bag is just not practical. After all, there are probably better ways you can spend hundreds of dollars. On the flip side, buying one of theseeck the logo. The Chanel logo is comprised of two interlocking “C” letters that face away from each other. The top of the right-facing “C” should bisect the top of the left-facing “C.” Some vintage bags exist that have a reverse overlap located on the interior flap. This rule is for handbags only and does not necessarily apply to other items in the Chanel line.
Find the authenticity card. An authentic Chanel bag comes with one. This embossed card contains a serial number. If there’s no card, if the card is not embossed or if there is no serial number included in the text, the bag is likely a knock-off.
Locate the serial number. There must be a serial number placed somewhere within the bag’s interior. Prior to the late 1990s, the serial number was printed on a white sticker with the Chanel logo printed in gold across the background. From the late 1990s to the present, the serial number has been printed on a white sticker beneath 2 gold Chanel logos. The serial number is most often located inside the bag at the lower left corner or on the zipper pocket. The sticker should be covered with a rectangle of clear tape large enough to cover then

Ladies Shoes

f you’ve suffered from the big foot syndrome all your life where shoe shopping has been a living hell because of your inability to find a pair that firstly fits right and secondly does not look like you pulled it out of the back of your grandmother’s wardrobe, then this is just the article for you. All your worries about your inability to find large size ladies shoes are now over, and your next fancy pair is just a click of a mouse away. Yes, with the Internet you can now find not only regular flats, but also high heel pumps, boots and spring shoes on any of the large size ladies shoes websites.

Here are a few things you should think about before you visit these sites and purchase your next pair online. There are numerous customers who are very satisfied with their online purchases and it is well worth a try even if you are a bit sceptical.

*Womens shoes start generally around size 3 and continue up to size seven or eight maximum. And despite there being a large demand for women’s shoes that go above these sizes, you can only find them in a limited number of shops. Not only that, the designs are very limited as well which makes shoe shopping in stores not very exciting for women with large feet. Therefore visiting one of these websites will give you an idea of how you can order these shoes which even come in sizes 10 and 11. Sometimes these are custom-made and therefore allow for you to design your pair and choose the fabric and embellishments you want.
*Most regular shoe stores assume that women with large feet are also very tall. And while this is true in most of the cases given common physiology, it is not always the case. Online you will be able to find varieties of designs and if the website you are visiting allows you to make requests then you can actually come up with something that will make every other woman in the room completely jealous.
*While making large size ladies shoes online purchase it is important for you to remember that standard rules apply. Firstly you need to be above eighteen years of age and you also need to be residing within a particular area or in particular countries for the company to be able to deliver to you. Therefore check these specifications before you place your order to avoid disappointment. Also check how long delivery will take just in case you want to wear shoes for a special occasion. The first time you order from the company might be a bit nerve wracking especially if you are worrying about how and when the pair is going to reach you. But most companies selling large size ladies shoes are very professional and you will be happy to get the pair in the condition that you were guaranteed.

Once you have received your pair and are happy with it, it would be a good idea to advertise what you have found. You might not realize the number of women around the world facing the same predicament as you. It will only be a service to the world of fashion and women if you let them know about your big find.

You may visit the following link to find information and links to a diverse range of large size ladies shoes, which include the Classic stiletto’s and the quality leather court shoes.

Mens Shoes

Men’s shoes come in various styles in the market. Then how to choose the right pair? Your new pair that costs huge amounts of money may not necessarily look good on you. With the following tips, you will end up with finding right pair of men’s shoes.

Color means a lot to men’s shoes. Such pairs that feature good-looking styles yet do not match the color of your outfit are not advisable. If you like wearing dark clothes, make sure to choose your men’s shoes in dark colors too. Black, brown and tan are nice choices. Besides, you can take your belt as a reference. Be sure to select shoes that match with your belt in aspect of color and texture of the material.
Look for a large number of them select the style you like. After choosing colors and styles, it is time to try them on to see how they feel. Opt to shoes that fit properly and comfortable to wear the first time you try them on. Do not expect a shoe stretching.
Purchase the best men’s shoes within your budget. Online stores always offer shoes that are made in good quality yet sold at cheaper prices than local stores. If you order your men’s shoes from the internet, make sure to measure the length of your feet first and know your size in Canadian, US, European and Asian sizes. Pick shoes that fit the width of your feet comfortably. It is recom

o the contour of the eye.

o the contour of the eye. Follow this by a softer bronze over the outer half of the lid. Apply an intense copper colour to the middle of the lower lid. On the inner corner of the lid sweep on a light creamy colour, brush the same colour on the brow bone to highlight it. Using a combination of shades like this works to make the eyes appear larger. Blend the colours together with a small brush. Add a little red eye shadow into the contour crease to give the look depth, again blend to eliminate any harsh lines. For an added touch of glamour dab on a little glitter to the middle of the

Well, I have two goals to reach!

nning your wedding is the most exciting. But I heard with my work that a problem may be brides "stress" is for most of their makeup wedding. How you can avoid this stress?
Since early 2008 I got married, I mean, how could the question of their brides, wedding make-up can be a real head-ache. We all want to look like a princess, but they see at the same time as we do. Well, I have two goals to reach! How? Well, as image consultant, I know the keyIdeas for wedding make-u