Sunday, February 7, 2010

is lady approaches fashion

is lady approaches fashion like a Mission Impossible assignment could arise at any moment — and, in order to properly execute it, she'll need to keep those fingers free. Fingerless gloves, then, are the way toSuzi Roher Style #5465 Belt, $505. Available at
The "Bad" video comes to mind yet again as I regard this wide belt from Suzi Roher, which features: a strand of square, pyramid shaped, metal studs; a second strand of opaque stones and domed, pearl-like metal shapes; a third strand of dog tag-shaped metallic plates with flowers etched on them; an a final strand of domed, pearly Paige Novick Neptune Cuff, $460. Available at Zoe in Brooklyn, NY and For more information, visit
If you saw someone wearing this cuff, with its elaborate, interlocking chain strands, would you want to aggravate them? Enough said! Perfect jewelry choice for an metal studs. How can you be hard-edged without the proper go — besides, ever since the Michael Jackson "Bad" video (RIP to the King of Pop), they'v

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