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Wear Eye Glasses

Most of our youth are shy of wearing eye glasses because of potential changes to their looks. Young boys and girls want to standout of the rest, look dashing, smart and attractive and that is chiefly the reason they prefer not to wear eye glasses. Above all, there is a common perception that only Geeks wear eye glasses because they read too much.
Well if you think that by wearing eye glasses you will not look smart then it is your false perception. You can remain stylish and cool while wearing eye glasses if you know what type of eye glasses to wear and making a careful selection of the product matching your personality. Eyes are a very sensitive organ that’s why it needs special care; therefore, many companies are making fine quality and stylish eye glasses. These glasses give you decent look and you look smart as well.

Nail Art Ideas 2011

Try your hand at the most fashion-forward nail painting designs that popped up on the market. These would keep you enthusiastic when it comes of adding a ‘va-va-voom’ effect to your nails. Start your nail artist career with these simple and cool nail art ideas. These patterns and prints prove to be the best option to test your skills and polish your painting talent. Feel free to adopt a more adventurist attitude when it comes of the use of various shades and shapes as well as tools provided by the nail art business.

Wedding Nails Tips 2011

Author: Megan
Do you bite your nails and wish you had lovely long tips to flaunt at the next wedding or formal dinner party you are invited to? Or are you someone like me, who spends a bundle of money at the nail salon only to come home and chip or break one? If you fantasize about matching your nails to your prom dress of wedding dress, then custom nail tips may be just what you were looking for. These are great for making a statement at your next cocktail party as well.

If you don’t have the patience to grow long wonderful fingernails or toenails, or if you are a nail biter or suffer from brittle and weak nails, then artificial acrylic nails are the best thing for you. Nowadays you can purchase acrylic nails with wonderful designs and prints, which can either match or contrast with your dress or be the focal point of your outfit. You can even upload an image and send it to the manufacturer to create your own custom, one-of-a-kind design. Nail tips also come with rhinestones, and you can choose from tips adorned with heart-shaped, round or tear-drop rhinestones.

You can change your nail design to match your outfit or your mood as often as you wish, since these tips are applied with waterproof double-sided stickers. They are easy to remove and do not damage your nails in the least. These stickers allow you to reuse your nails again and again, offering you great value for the money. Since you are not using harmful nail glue, the chance of damaging your nail shaft is almost nil.
Nails can stay on for as long as 24 hours – perfect for attending that wedding or cocktail party. They are also a lot faster to apply and a lot cheaper than a visit to the local beauty salon for a manicure and a pedicure.

Some people spend a fortune to have nail artists painstakingly paint their nails with designs and also stick on rhinestones and other nail jewels. You could end up spending hours sitting in a chair waiting for your nails to dry, not to mention the money you will end up paying for the service plus tip. If you do happen to break or chip a nail, there is nothing to do except clip the rest of your nails and remove all the embellishments, which is a waste of hard-earned money and your precious time.
With acrylic nail tips, you only need a couple of minutes to stick the tips onto your nails. If you break or lose one, there is always a spare in the packet, and they come in different sizes and shapes to suit your fingers.

Since these are also custom designed if you want them to be, they are great fun to wear for a theme party, graduation party or even a bridal shower. If you’re feeling adventurous, make custom designed sets for all your friends and bridesmaids at your wedding or bridal shower as unique and memorable gifts.
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Acrylic Nail Designs 2011

Author: Reginald Stone
Acrylic nail designs are regarded as to become items of artwork since just by making use of supplies for nails coupled with striking adornments, nails can turn into an excellent operate of artwork. Given that time immemorial, nails have turn out to be an epitome in making impressions specifically in the active globe of fashion. These happen to be employed to make style statements and are continuously evolving even up to the current instances.
Throughout the historical civilization in Cairo, the well-renowned Cleopatra, queen of Egypt as well as the great mistress of Julius Caesar, painted her fingernails also because the suggestions as well as the dorsal and volar areas of her hands. This was carried out not only as being a customary practice to diminish nefarious spirits but was also performed inside the name of model and artwork. A best manifestation that this is certainly true will be the presence of lucrative strong gold manicure devices discovered in historic Egyptian graves.
Within the 17th century, men and women alike effortlessly permit their fingernails to grow up to 5-inches in length. This would signify that certainly they have lives full of happiness and satisfaction. Using the use of gold embellishments or splints produced from bamboo, these lengthy fingernails are safe from breaking.

As being a form of metaphor, the nail is just like an artist’s canvas wherein he can freely produce anything from his vivid imagination. Nail art designs are attractive to both males and women. With persistence and continuous practice, producing nail styles are extremely straightforward to complete. All you have to have are only the exact nail accessories and colors.
Nail artwork styles could be produced by making use of acrylic nail designs and Japanese art nail styles. In purchase to get a female trendsetter to look much more dainty and exquisite, she has to have nails that are well-groomed and good-looking. As opposed to prior to where both men and women do not put as well much energy in growing their nails, as a result of the upbeat of time, nowadays, it is a quite huge task for ladies to allow their nails grow at ideal extension. Nails are prone to be bitten off particularly when an individual is below too a lot strain or in severe stress. Acrylic or artificial nails may be a option for women who have the brittle nails and deficient nail growth. Acrylic nail designs are most sought following since these might be utilized for tryouts even though producing the styles. These nails are glued on leading from the accurate nails using the use of adhesives and they are made in accordance to the dimension of the actual nail. Styles of this type of nail could be customized in accordance towards the ongoing festivity participated by the consumer.
Japanese nail artwork styles are renowned due to the fact they look distinctive and attractive with the use of gleaming and catchy hues. Using the creation of eye catching styles, these serve as being a mirror with the artist’s vivid and wild creativeness. Traditionally, it really is previously sufficient when nails are trimmed and coated with nail polish. Using the onset of Japanese artwork nail styles, nail polishing is no lengthier confined to shades only. Within the modern day manicure setting, artists are now using unique sorts of embellishments from a extensive array of designs ranging from uncomplicated beads to precious jewelry, feathers, glitters, boats as well as calligraphy. I have the supply of this acrylic nail designs articles and all about nail art, elegance, nail artwork kit are on that acrylic nail designs web-site, click the acrylic nail designs hyperlink.

Eye makeup 2011

By: deborah cum
Before learning how to perfect eye makeup, learn about different brands of cosmetics, and countless nuances and shades of eyeshadows and pencils are available in the market today. The main trick to get the look of smoke is to blend, mix and stir with a combination of light and dark colors.
After applying concealer and foundation, the next step to get this look is to prepare ourselves to take the lid color. Use a neutral base of eye shadow or cream and apply it across the surface of the lid. The next tip on how to apply eye makeup to perfect smoky eye is to apply a colored eye shadow on the entire eyelid to brow bone. Then, apply the shadow as a line just above the upper eyelid to the outer edge. With a brush stroke, you have to mix a good part of lighter color to create the illusion of depth.

The next step is to apply the eye, you can use liquid eyeliner or pencil Kohl. Colored pencil is recommended for beginners because it is easier to implement than a brush. Interesting thin line starting from the edge in making it come out thicker and then make the wings at the outer edge. You can also line the lower lid, but use a pencil or a pencil Kohl for this instead of liquid eyeliner. Stains the tip of the lining around the outside edge of the wing behind the scenes to get the perfect smoky eyes for research.

If you follow the simple steps on how to apply eye makeup is perfect, you can get a smokey eyes, looking sexy in less than five minutes.
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Channel Makeup 2011


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