Thursday, April 28, 2011

Eye makeup 2011

By: deborah cum
Before learning how to perfect eye makeup, learn about different brands of cosmetics, and countless nuances and shades of eyeshadows and pencils are available in the market today. The main trick to get the look of smoke is to blend, mix and stir with a combination of light and dark colors.
After applying concealer and foundation, the next step to get this look is to prepare ourselves to take the lid color. Use a neutral base of eye shadow or cream and apply it across the surface of the lid. The next tip on how to apply eye makeup to perfect smoky eye is to apply a colored eye shadow on the entire eyelid to brow bone. Then, apply the shadow as a line just above the upper eyelid to the outer edge. With a brush stroke, you have to mix a good part of lighter color to create the illusion of depth.

The next step is to apply the eye, you can use liquid eyeliner or pencil Kohl. Colored pencil is recommended for beginners because it is easier to implement than a brush. Interesting thin line starting from the edge in making it come out thicker and then make the wings at the outer edge. You can also line the lower lid, but use a pencil or a pencil Kohl for this instead of liquid eyeliner. Stains the tip of the lining around the outside edge of the wing behind the scenes to get the perfect smoky eyes for research.

If you follow the simple steps on how to apply eye makeup is perfect, you can get a smokey eyes, looking sexy in less than five minutes.
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