Friday, October 30, 2009

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get rid of problems of makeup for getting makeup tips there 1
The liquid eyeliner you used yesterday for your lunch in a dark restaurant will be overkill at an afternoon in the park. Likewise, your high school look may not be serving you as well in your
Seasonal changes also call for different colors. Your foundation especially should change from winter to summer. Even if you regularly use sunblock, the shade of your face will change from occasional sun exposure, and your overall look in a warm climate may call for a deeper shade.
Foundation is tricky to get right. If you're not happy with the shade you bought, take it back and exchange it for another. You can also keep a darker and lighter shade, then use a fresh container to blend your own shade. Messy, but probably more accurate.
Start small. Experiment with new lipstick colors rather than the same old shade everyday. If you recognize a need for change but can't identify what to do, seek professional help.
Quality cosmetic lines often have free makeup lessons in hopes of enticing you to buy their product. If you're happy with the results, it's a fair trade. When you're really at a loss, less is
Too much of a bad thing can look plain clownish.

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