Thursday, October 29, 2009

most half the people questioned in

most half the people questioned in the L'Oreal survr cent, felt that wearing makeup gave them 'an edge' over their colleagues at work.
In London this figure shot up to 63 per cent.
Leading psychotherapist Lucy Beresford explained: 'Literally putting on a brave face is a good ps
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Choosing and wearing make-up lifts the spirits, and is all part of healthy self-nurture, which is essential for our well being.'
However, even when it comes to cosmetics, some women are cutting back on a few extra luxuries.
Consumers are shopping around for multi-purpose beauty products - sales of two-in-one facewash have gone up by 5.4 per cent - and they are also comparing prices to make sure they
The L'Oreal poll, which surveyed 1,000 women, also found that home hair- colouring kits have gained popularity in the past few months, seeing a 7 per cent increase in sales.
A further survey by market researchers Nielsen shows sales of nail varnish have gone up by 11.2 per cent as women opt for home manicures to save money.
Grita Loebsack, the managing director of L'Oreal UK, said: 'It is clear that consumers are looking to cosmetics to cheer themselves up and that looking good is still important when times are hard.
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