Friday, October 30, 2009

Start with a concealer t

Start with a concealer the color of which should be one shade lighter than the color of your foundation. Dot it accurately on the areas such as under-eye circles and blemishes with your finger tip or sponge for perfection.
If you have chosen concealer that tends to cake, you should apply eye cream before applying concealer. Always choose the foundation that perfectly matches with your skin tone. After applying foundation as dots over the central area of the face, slowly spread it over with your tips of finger or makeup sponge.
In order to retain the foundation and concealer for long time, use pressed or loose power. Using pressed power to touch up during whole day around is also required to keep the foundation
After doing your eyebrows, you should apply powdered eyebrow shadow for natural appeal rather than using pencils. Hard and slanted brush is ideal for eyebrow shadowing. There are light, medium and dark eyeshadows to choose from. Dark shades in thin line should be applied on upper eyelid, medium shade should be applied for the crease and light shade under the
Now, to choose the perfect eyeliner. You can choose from eyeliner cake, eyeliner pencil or many others. You can acquire darker look by applying the outer two-thirds on the lower eyelid and all the way across the upper lid. You can apply mascara to upper and lower lashes according to the color of you skin. Brown shades would be good for fair-skinned people, and black or brown-black would be ideal for darker coloring.
You can also try trendy colors like plum or navy for fun. Applying blushing enhances your looks on the cheeks. Choose suitable lipstick according to your skin tone. Drawing outlines with lipliners are be

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