Friday, October 30, 2009


arlett Johansson is rocking quite a different look on this cover of Elle France, right. It’s not just the dark hair that struck me, but the apparent absence of makeup. Now clearly there is some product there, and some retouching is always done, but the effect is that she’s not wearing any makeup and it’s an interesting style for a fashion magazine cover.
I’m already a big fan of the “no-makeup” makeup look. It’s quick and easy to do every day and while I still love to play around with bright lips or heavily-lined eyes, I also like being able to fake a n
Start with great skin
Kind of an obvious one, but if you want to be minimal with base, you’ll need to have your skin looking its best - a home facial followed by an enriching moisturiser is a good start to get your skin glowing.
Put down the foundation, pick up the concealer
You need to work with a light hand here, but once you find the right concealer for you, it can work miracles on under-eye circles or redness. Whether you like to apply it with a brush or your fingertip, make sure to blend it in

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