Thursday, September 3, 2009

Embroided Sari

Chikan approach - Lucknow is essentially legendary for its chikan embroidery. It is a approach of stitching paying grey cotton or silk thread on the fabric. It is an all little bit prefered style and can never be out of fashion. This art is regularly applied on terrific muslin and increasingly it is making carried out on georgette and Chiffons.

Zardozi embroidery - It is a classic craft of embroidery, that includes sewing gold beads and sequence stitching gold threads on the fabric. It exhibits beautiful examples in gold and silver, provided studded pearls and precious stones. It is often expended for designing wall hangings

Zari - It is the the majority of celebrated traditional art, that has been heard in penchant from the time the times of Rig Vedas. It is a process of metal wiring in that wire is coated provided true gold and silver. It is generally wound up on velvet, satin and silk fabric. Extensive use of Zari embroidery is carried out in wedding trousseau.

Kathi style of Bhuj - it is an completely distinguished style of embroidery, that ponders on floral patterns. Pictures of peacocks and flowers are dominant and fillings consist of buds and leaves in herringbone stitch. To highlight the flower core and eyes of birds and critters mirror make every effort is used

Kantha - It is a highly intricate and creative style the present depicts our particularly own nature through supports of flowers, birds and animals. It is regularly executed on silk and tussar sarees but now on cotton textiles too. It is an amazing work, that leads use of uncomplicated running stitch.

Embroideries own continued widely appreciate for the good masterpiece apparel. Among !no! varieties of embroidery we hold patchwork, cut work, kundan, resham, gota patti work, mukesh work, stones administered and aari work.

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