Wednesday, March 9, 2011



And the right to refuse to hide can be hidden and just the right look for you. Pat gently access, flat brush or soft brush hidden within. Each should be less than perfect skin is well hidden.

Tip: You cover the entire eye concealer, including the need to take it to the eye out. To check out is prone to redness and dryness.

And especially to hide the circles under the eyes, such as dry skin and large areas recommended for liquid concealer.

Hidden hard on stubborn acne scars, and wounds must hide.

A more natural looking concealer cream powder foundation. Sports liquid or cream foundation is a shadow.

Tip liquid or solid foundation, to get the best results use after that hidden. When you use a cream to powder foundation, concealer should go first.

Expert Tricks

* Concealer to hide dark circles or Add yellow eye shadow foundation. And black right color, and will be hidden.

* What green or blue eye concealer or foundation will correct the color pink tones and broken capillaries.

* Your organization fur cap, as well as use the hidden wholeness. And a little dried up and it's just the right thickness to conceal. Of course, it corresponds to the private foundation is beautiful!

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