Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hair Care and Skin Care

Once a reservation: although the hat and delivers some inconveniences, it is impossible to refuse. Sub-zero temperatures constricts blood vessels and broken power bulbs. The consequences can be dire. By the way, do you know how to properly wear a hat? Wear it to the room to dry hair, so wash your hair should be at least six hours prior to departure.
She squeezes his head, and the inner part made from natural material. Important piece of advice: if
Outside the window below -15 0 C, the hair must hide under a hat full. Another problem – the electrification of strands. Its cause – the excessive dryness of the curls and the lack of moisture in the air. To remove the static stress, enjoy moisturizers, hair dryer did not get carried away, forget about the plastic comb.
Behold the root!
The beauty of curls begins with a healthy scalp. Winter due to cap often gives the impression that she was not breathing and has become drier. Many women are worried about dandruff. Fortunately, getting rid of this problem is very easy! Use a shampoo that takes care of not only hair but also for the scalp. For example, Head & Shoulders, which is recommended to use a lot of Ukrainian dermatologists? It is also to undergo wetting procedures.
Why is winter more dandruff?
All this adversely affects the sebaceous glands. As a consequence, there is dandruff. But I want to reassure readers: today there are tools that quickly and effectively struggle with dandruff. Health Center recommends that you use hair shampoo Head & Shoulders. Their formula with the active zinc takes care of the scalp, helps get rid of dandruff. In this case, the means to effectively treat hair, giving them fresh, preserving the shine and volume.
Hands: Make bath
Even in weak cold hands redden, become weather-beaten and flakes? Immediately changes the program of care!
1. Start with the regular deep cleansing of skin – exfoliation stimulates cell renewal, preventing the roughness and flaking.
2. Twice a week do softening bath – from the decoction of chamomile, linden and nettle. If the hands turn red, you can use a decoction of oak bark. After the procedure Apply to damp skin has an intense moisturizer and put on cotton gloves.
3. to protect the skin from wind and frost will help a good barrier cream with UV filters. And do not forget your gloves! Put on and take them to the room.
Person: moisturizes and protects
How to protect a person from the cold and what to do if your skin is already damaged?
Most often in the winter we complain dehydrated skin. Moisture in the cells steals dry air – and on the street and indoors. If possible, purchase a humidifier and regularly sprinkled face thermal water. With the rest of the problems you’re too easy to handle!
Peeling concerned women with dry skin, which in the cold reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands. Need to focus more on moisturizing treatment. And be sure to use cream-gidratantom! The more moisture in the skin, the easier it transfers cold. Take care and deep cleanse the skin of old cells.
Watery eyes. Tears in the frost may occur due to diseases of the nose or obstruction of the lacrimal canals. But the most likely cause is corneal sensitivity to light, wind and cold. In this case, it is recommended to wear smoky sunglasses. And in a strong wind before going out to bury his nose vasoconstrictor drops.
Excellent make-up
In winter, make up does not only decorative but also protects the skin. However, provided that you choose the right makeup. Remember: Winter tonal framework should be oily (better to buy a vehicle based on silicone or wax). Second point: moisturizing lipstick in the cold can cause cracks on the lips – use nutritional tool.

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