Friday, May 21, 2010


We all know the style fashion bags, especially in most of these designer bags is very tempting, though, have to buy that Don Äôt fit your image. But this attitude is not an ideal way to highlight the appearance of your outfit. Keeping up a good modakoenaren is not enough to shine. Always remember that nothing has to be some coordination and balance your body you wear. Some women are fashion enthusiasts, and to choose only the bags are easy to meet, but not for others, but, unlike the Aos, it's easy.

Here is a basic guide line to help you choose the best bag you:

1. Choose the right size bag

Type in your body bag is the size of a right to know the first thing to consider before you buy it. This is the best bag you can find the best-looking. Take into account not only matter how you make a beautiful and elegant bag, does the SEA will be unfashionable if your image from that Äôt.

Most fashion experts suggest if you Äôre Petite and short, Aos and the best selection of small bags is to work with your outfit. That is, to select for big bags is lower. The other hand, if your Äôre high and thin, a small bag that should be avoided. trust of the middle size, large size and large bags are used because it will be the best you can fit your stature.

2. Choose the correct form of the bag

The best way is to choose the image for your bags before you buy is another priority. Always consider your body shape is the proportion of one bag is the best way to look elegant and fashionable because it really helps, and change your overall appearance is improved.

sure that the tip of your pool to choose the best way to get your body type is the opposite. So, if you Äôre thin and high, rounded to select the best match for the bag. However, the less you Physique, rectangular bag is suitable to high altitude and you will be able to look at.

3. Most companies choose the color you want your accessories

After you select the right size and shape of a bag that fits you,, Aos now its time to choose their color. Matching up the color of your outfit and shoes, the bag is the perfect way to a style of fashion. Try a colorful bag of clothes, most of the colors will make a major purchase. But the practice is also a plain color bag you want to go. Is a neutral color Aos most popular option since the bags have been taken. Black and neutral colors can be selected so you'll never go wrong because it is always in style and manner. You can also agree on your color to any outfit. Brown and white colors of the clothes, it can also use most of the game with them.

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