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Things you, Äôll Need:

* Rubber gloves, alcohol and cotton balls, antibacterial soap, towels Access

Tips for the care of acrylic nails:
Step 1
Keep dry.Water acrylic nails and acrylic do not mix. The combination not only gives rise, it also leads to bacteria and fungus. All these results are undesirable. So how do you deal with them? Supporting acrylic nails dry. You do it with a towel dry thoroughly after each hand washing, swim in the pool and soak in the bath. This is the only way to prevent water from seeping under the acrylic and nails, where he can do the most damage.
Step 2
Wash your hands with antibacterial soap.Bacteria are death for many women who wear acrylic nails. Bacteria that attack the nail bed will discolor and deteriorate resulting in long and irreparable harm. As a result of any action which may prevent the development is vital. For this reason, this AD is better to wash hands with antibacterial soap. This AD is the easiest way to give your self ounce (bacteria) warning several times a day.
Step 3
Wear rubber gloves when performing household chores.Whether you wash dishes or wash the floor, then it is important to wear AO rubber gloves if you have acrylic nails. Rubber gloves will protect your hands and nails and to avoid any painful accidents, as a snag, chips or splitting. So do not forget to wear them whenever you happen to work, and that at least two in the household inventory.
Step 4
Swab nails with alcohol every day before bedtime.Before you go to bed at night, smear under and around nails with alcohol. This will help clean up the nails from dirt and bacteria. If your nails look a little cloudy and then you can always complete them again with a clear white polish in the morning.
Step 5
Visit our shop for repairs after a nail accident.If you accidentally Rebuffed part of your acrylic nails or remove the bed, visit the nail shop immediately corrected. Why? Chips and splits open the doors to fungi, as water can seep between acrylic nails and lighter. So, AD is important to get immediate repair. In addition, the nail technician will be able to positively advise you to completely remove the acrylic nails and / or consult a doctor.

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