Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Prom Dress 2010

The 2010 spring season opens with a burst of color. Prom dresses are available in every color under the sun. Choosing a gown doesn’t have to be a torturous activity though. Setting some parameters before setting out is a good way to narrow the field.
Start with the color. Decide which colors flatter your skin tone. A good way to do this is to look in your closet. What colors do you normally wear. Which ones have people told you that look great on you. Aside from this, taking photos of your self and then reviewing them objectively is another way to discover for yourself what looks best and which color makes your eyes shine and which colors wash you out.
Color theory was big a decade ago. People were classified into seasons. While this is not as popular today, the theory stands. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall girls all should gravitate towards different color prom dresses.
Winter girls have a blue or pink undertone to their skin. They are the ones with pale white or very dark skin. Brunettes with intensely colored eyes. Most Asians and African-Americans are also winters. These girls can go straight for the basic colors and look anything but plain. Clear red, black, navy blue, and shocking pink all look fabulous on winters. Icy light colors are also shockingly lovely. Silky gowns in a ice blue work well with their coloring. Stay away from gold, oranges and beige if you are a winter.
Spring girls have creamy white or peach skin. Straw-colored blondes and girls with strawberry red hair and freckled or rosy cheeks are classified as Spring. Their eyes are normally blue or green. The very colors winters are warned against, are the ones spring girls should gravitate to. The warmer peaches and golden yellows make a beautiful prom dress for a spring. Stay away from dark colors to really shine.
Summer girls are pale blondes or brunettes with pale eyes. Girls in this category are sometimes mistaken for Winters, if you fall somewhere between the two, try the photo trick and have someone help you decide what colors look best. One clue is if you look washed out in black. Summer girls often do not look their best in black, while pastels work perfectly. Try a plum colored dress or a rosey hued gown for the best effect. But like the winter girls, stay away from orange.
On the other hand, Autumn girls are easy to spot. Their golden skin and red hair or brunettes with golden brown eyes can’t deny being an Autumn. If you need another clue, Autumns do not look their best in blue. But shimmer in orange, gold and dark brown. A stunning deep chocolate brown dress or leopard print prom gown is a head turner for an Autumn girl.
Knowing where to start is helpful when looking for a prom dress. Looking beautiful on prom night is of utmost importance to most girls and wearing the right color will get you there faster.
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