Sunday, September 5, 2010

While there is no dress, or says you can wear casual style

What to wear to work? While there is no dress, or says you can wear casual style, and this is still the big question that can be worn and must be avoided. Although we are in these days and distributed a free spirit, and the right to individually, and you know that there are some restrictions on clothing the office you do not have to go. If you are representatives of the companies are serious and should be appropriate for your clothes. What about sexual dress in the workplace? If femininity (or masculinity speaking of course), in the style of your life, you must stop or go?

Wear an exciting consideration. Is not it? If you walk in the place of business in a short skirt and blouse décolleté fat, and will most likely be in the spotlight. Most people want to hear the praise and division reveals certainly can bring you praise, but sometimes you can put yourself in an ambiguous position with the dressing provocative. But you must know your rights: no matter what you wear, it's not a cause of sexual harassment. It is important to take care of your look, especially if you need to communicate with many customers. While you're at work, which must represent the views of your business and your position.

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