Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stretch Marks Laser Skin Treatment

Most people can easily identify the stretch marks. And usually these lines on the skin, which are red first, then gradually become pink or purple or. After that, although the color fades and the lines remain forever.

In general, three body parts of the skin - that is, abdomen, thighs and breasts - much more likely to develop stretch marks. As the name suggests, stretch marks are the result of stretching the skin is the body that may occur for several reasons. For example, when children grow rapidly, stretching the skin to support growth. In addition, pregnant women develop stretch marks, especially the abdomen. In the end, all people - no matter how old, can get stretch marks on the skin, if they put on weight very quickly.

People always aggravated by the formation of stretch marks on the skin. As a result, even the last century to develop topical cream with Retin A (tretinoin) on the skin regularly affected. However, treatment of the Middle Ages too, because they are used in the past at least one year, and even then, most people can not find any improvement in skin appearance. As a result, the current time, most people turn to laser skin treatment to get rid of stretch marks.

In general, stretch marks, which was formed recently, is likely to be removed through laser treatment. The best thing is that most people should only buy one or two treatments, and in some cases for visible improvements. However, it is recommended that people, laser treatment for several times to achieve the best results.

And presented one of the best research on the effectiveness of laser therapy in 2002, during a news conference at the end of the year the American Society for Laser Surgery and Medicine. The result is obvious, the most interesting research on the effectiveness of lasers to remove stretch marks too old.

And many women participate in research. And every one of them for 5 to 10 minute long treatment to remove stretch marks formed buttocks, arms and thighs. Despite signs that becomes less pronounced after treatment, and it does not completely disappear. Moreover, signs are still the same tissue and teeth.

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