Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Winter Makeup for 2011 trends

Makeup plays a very important role in the outer appearance and this is why it is important to carefully choose the makeup. Make-up trends, similar to fashion trends, and change every year, and allowing women to be varied with their appearance and the adoption of makeup fit current fashion trends and individuality as well. In the autumn / winter 2010 makeup trends varied, wonderful and perfect for various occasions, and to allow women and a variety of methods of makeup to choose from.

Makeup can be a girls best friend if you choose the style right and if it has been correctly applied makeup, and in an attempt to determine the best you have any type of installation, and that the use of color and how to apply makeup to fit the facial features better. The fall of the new / intended makeup trends winter 2010 to enhance the natural beauty with cold, as well as alleviate the warm and makeup in an attempt to inspire yourself from one of the following types of makeup:

Eye makeup trend nude

This same summer, a popular natural and simple makeup in the papers to print on the new trends and natural beauty can not be issued this year by anything else. This can happen kind of makeup will be a great solution for women of all ages, and natural beauty is timeless and passes all limits. To create this wonderful naked eye makeup you need to apply a small amount of concealer and foundation just so you can get the skin free of blemishes. And allowed to remain naked eyes, and a touch of lip gloss is applied to the lips. If your lashes do not reveal themselves, of course, you can apply a thin layer of brown or black mascara, and this depends on the natural color of your hair. To add a touch of color on your skin you can apply a bit of blusher on your cheeks in coloration and rosy, peachy or brown.

Bold lip color trend
Bold lip color can help to promote one of the most attractive parts of a woman's body, and lips. Has always been considered an attractive lips, why not put in value with the makeup! Bold lip color trend is in fact a return, this vintage style makeup could return to the quite popular in the days when women began to explore her femininity to the max. Skin is flawless, and the minimum of eye makeup is the key to the success of this type of makeup application on the solution slightly, and apply a coat or two of mascara, make sure to cover any shortfall that may cover your skin and the color of your lips boldly with lipstick red or orange.

Goddess eye makeup trend

It is believed that the eyes to be a gateway to the soul in many cultures, why not make her look beautiful, through an emphasis on superb form for the eyes and eye color by using makeup. Create this eye makeup goddess could not be easier, being only need a touch of eye makeup to create a look. Start with the skin free of defects and the use of a solution or a solution to his eyes and a dark color to give the definition of gorgeous eyes. Coat the lashes with black mascara and nude lips left or the use of nude lipstick color to balance your look.

Dramatic / grungy style makeup trend

This type of makeup is definitely not for everyone it seems to be inspired by the vampire movies new controlled by this year. It seems that the dramatic / makeup style fits better grungy women who are confident in their own skin, not afraid to express their individuality through the makeup. Bold eye makeup and lipstick bold skin free from defects are key components of this new makeup style interesting. Applying makeup heavily in dark colors such as lipstick color black, or brown when it comes to his eyes, and wine, red or brown for lips.

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