Friday, December 3, 2010

Beauty Solution

Well, everybody needs from time to time some help with her beauty rituals. So, i figured that some extra beauty tips won’t hurt anyone. Here are 5 problems (or potential problems) and the short tips to get over them (or foresee them). To get a perfect base, when applying foundation, do it in the center of your face and blend outwards with your fingers. This will stop you from putting on more that you need and also means you won’t end up with foundation on your hair line. woman-solving-beauty-problems-with-beauty-tips. For clump-free lashes don’t put on too many layers. Instead, apply a couple of times and zig-zag the mascara brush up through the lashes. It separates and lengthens them.
If you have one perfume that makes you crazy, and you want to take the best from it, well, start using it as a body lotion as well. In this way you will smell fantastic all the time, because you will have your entire body covered in the fragrance. How? just mix a couple of drops from your perfume with a body lotion fragrance free or for sensible skin and there you go, no need to spend loads of money for extra perfume!Well, unfortunately, most of us face this problems, especially now, in the cold season. So, if your skin is extra dry, simply apply your body scrub to dry skin, rub it and then shower it off. It removes dead cells more effectively than when the skin is wet.
Woman apply body lotion extra dry skin beauty tips If you forgot about buying a new nail polish, and your favorite one can be used for one last time, try to mix it with white nail polish or a transparent lacquer. The intensity won’t be the same but the colors will be very appropriate.

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