Friday, December 10, 2010

Nail Tips

Healthy nails add to the beauty of the hands and feet. Is it hard to keep them in good condition? It should not if you follow these simple steps tips.Nail Nail Care Tip
This set of measures on the beneficial fungi and bacteria, especially to prevent two of the most important causes of thickened yellow nails.

Keep nails short and file on a regular basis. Nail Care Tip is essential for beauty and health of the nails.
Keep your nails between salon visits.
Remember that your nails are constantly exposed to chemicals, moisture, water, etc., which can lead to separation or peeling nails sensitivity. It is protected by wearing rubber gloves and coat them with some of the cotton to absorb moisture.
Do not use the same instruments - like scissors - nail infected and not infected.
Acrylic nail tips
Since the acrylic nail tips are perfect beautiful nails in each case show, this is one of the best systems developed by the nail technicians. In addition to the weak strength of your nails, acrylic nail tips look really good and natural.

Acrylic nail tips you want to look perfect? Just pay attention to these simple points:

Keep nail polish in good condition. Polish can be wrapped thick bubbles and cause uneven application. Add a drop of Polish fine from time to time.
Make your nails before applying each coat of acrylic. If the effects of skin oil, and the old Polish or Polish Lotion application to both new does not stick.
Remove excess from the brush along the bottle to avoid bubbles.
Enjoy your pen drive to the base coat to protect your nails and help the resin layer evenly on a stick.
Clean resin on the skin around the nail with a nail sticking as you go.
Allow drying time - at least an hour. Seal with top coat polish to mask possible lines or bubbles. It adds beauty and perfect lighting.
Artificial nail tips
Is beautiful manicured nails? Will you stop nail biting, or if you have a problem growing them? Artificial nail tips can be yours.

If you have made a good technician nail tips artificial fingernails always look good, and it will give the last two weeks at least, it will not damage your nails. Instead, provide them with protection and preservation of their health.

Depending on the circumstances of natural nails artificial nail polish necessary advice and / or recharged once every two or three weeks. If you change your mind, remove them with the right solution is not difficult natural nails stay in the same situation as before party application.

Design nail tip
If you want to look awesome and shows a personal touch, why not decorate nails? And some simple tips to help you design a good shape and draw attention

Ornamental Glue may damage your nails, even if the glue has been applied to the Polish low.
Use layers of different colors such as red on a layer of gold, or gray in the black metal polish. Of course, make sure the last layer of polish to dry before applying the next. No need to design complex SPIKE looks great and unique!
Experience with the nail tip design - the use of Chinese characters, and the application of tattoos and fake or small pieces to create patterns of "Band Aids" and paste it on top of a layer of polish to dry. The application of contrasting color and remove the bandage on your nails dry.

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