Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2010 Fall Fashion

Fall & Winter 2009-2010 Fashion Trends List
September is here, so we’ve updated our annual fall/winter trends list with the latest news and information.
This fall brought an interesting blend of themes and inspiration to the runway - think: Marlene Dietrich meets the Borg and you’re half way there. Add in a little winter safari, obtuse headgear and a lot of black, and that’s just the beginning. Booties are back, with an edge and yes, leggings are still here, but looking beyond the fright of another season of returned ’80’s fashions, there are still many beautiful designs to be found.
Themes & Inspiration:
* Old Hollywood* The Flying Ace (WWI aviators)* The 80’s* Embellished* Classy Goth* Ancient Egypt* French Chic* Waist Emphasis* Menswear Motifs* Safari Mod* Flashy Disco

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