Saturday, January 30, 2010

ceremony for choosing Miss

ceremony for choosing Miss Lebanon of 2008 was held in the Lebanese channel (LBC) (Lebanese Broadcasting Company). The celebration was glamorous, and the garden was made to look like a castle from Spain. The famous Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbe’s appearance added another beautiful touch to the celebration. Haifa’a appearance fired up the audience with her beauty and moves while singing.
As usual Haifa, who is glamorous in everything she does, just released her new album “Habibi Ana” (My Love). She chose the Lebanese channel ‘LBC’ to air her new songs. When Haifa started her performance the firework hit the decorations on stage and started a fire. Haifa tried her best to stay calm and managed to finish her song while workers from ‘LBC’ extinguished the fire.
According to the London daily Elaph, Haifa also had an accident when she was filming her video clip for the song “Hasa Ma Beena” (I Feels What Is between Us), which is being aired exclusively on ‘Mazika’ music channel.

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