Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Year & fresh hairstyle go hand in hand

Hair is much more than just a beauty feature. The way you choose to wear it is telling of you, your personality, and your lifestyle. Maybe that’s why we see a lot of women at the salon who come in wanting to really shake up their life by shaking up their look. No “just a trim” for these clients. What they want is a hair makeover that will illicit “wow!” from everyone they know.
Big statement necklaces are still on trend. Only have one large statement piece unless your bone structure is large. If you have an angular face, choose jewellery with angular details, e.g. squares, triangles. If you have a contoured face, choose softer detail such as loops, circle, and ovals. Also consider your face shape when choosing jewellery. E.g. a round face will look good in longer earrings as they will lengthen the face, round earrings will only emphasise the roundness of the face.

These along with thigh high socks are set to be very popular, but the school girl look is definitely a no no –so do not wear with pleated skirts. This season it is more of a grown up look with the socks teamed with patterned tights for extra texture. The socks are either worn pulled up or scrunched down. Knee high socks or just above the knee socks are more slimming than thigh high if you are concerned with the size of your thighs. In the warmer weather wear thinner and light coloured socks. If you are conscious about your legs, try neutral plain socks or match the colour to your shoe. Wear a heel for a more sophisticated look.

1.mix them with shades that do suit you
2. only wear the colour in small doses
3. keep the colour away from your face
The main colours this Spring/Summer are:
All White- I hear you all gasp I can’t wear white! It makes me look fat/pale etc. Well wearing all white can be as slimming wearing as all black and such a good alternative. We all know white looks good on tanned and dark skin, but all you pale ethereal complexions never fear – just wear softer whites.
Also the fabric will have an effect – a crisp tailored white shirt will look whiter and brighter than a tee shirt, so to soften a harsh look wear softer flowing fabrics.

* Giant Hoop Earrings* Chain Earrings* Deco Earrings* Chandelier Earrings* Chunky, Statement Necklaces* Circular Jewels* Double-Band Watches* Stacked Rings* Deco Cuffs

New Year & fresh hairstyle go hand in hand. By the transform in year or season, a variety of hair cuts keep on altering. Near by all the new hairstyles is the edition of elderly beloved. Guys & Girls together have untied themselves to latest & fashionable outlook by trying diverse hairstyles. An individual can have an inimitable appear with the exact hairstyle.
At present the stipulate for fresh hairstyles, petite haircuts & lengthy hairstyles is growing in the fashion planet. Lots of extreme and stylish petite fresh hairstyles have approaches up both for guys & girls. Some of the mainly accepted new hair cuts for guys are murmur cut, pierces, spikes, chaotic cut, butch cut, bunch cut, club cut, intermediate fade, low fade, shag, graduation, short taper & bald. Bald is measured to be the mainly marvelous style in these days.
New Generation guys are more mindful for trying imagining marvelous haircuts. In the most recent years little hair cuts for girls have also turns into trendy because lots of celebrities have toggled over to short hair dos. There is a vast choice of small new haircuts for women to fit every character. Bob hairstyle; choppy crop, bob textured, sprite cut, blunted bob, wave bob and small shag are the most famous between them.
Not only guys & girls are part of the fashion planet. Children are also energized & mindful about fresh appears & latest styles. Guardians favor short haircut for kids because they are very active & their hair cut should not obstruct their enjoyment time. Once when kids achieve their teenagers they grow out more to the style styles. They try to duplicate fashions and looks of superstar and other famous person. Now a day’s spikes & crew styles are in style for young boys. Young girls favor extends of shoulder length hair or rigid ponytails. These amusing & new kids’ hair cuts are at the forefront of eternally saloon or parlor.

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