Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Applying Eye Makeup

How to apply eye makeup
Now that you know what to use, let us begin to learn how to apply eye makeup to create the eyes, and wonderful beauty. Learn the colors that are right for you. Learn the colors that are right for you. Step one: Lids
Eye Shadow Many come in groups of three complimentary colors with three different values; light and medium dark. You can also choose from frosted or matte finish.
Start applying the lightest shade in the upper part of your eyes, and along the brow bone.
Next, use the medium shade to the color of your sheets. Start in the corner of the Interior and stroke to the outer edge of the eyelid. Then use your fingertip to lightly mix of light and shadows medium-together, where they gather near the fold.
Now is the time to use the shadow to add some of the darkest contour and depth. This technique will give you that smokey eye look. Beginning in the corner of the Interior, these wrinkle to the outer edge of your eyes. You can also add a little more than the darkest color to the edge of the eyelid, just above the lashes. Then, again, use your fingertip or a brush to blend and soften the lines. Step Two: Lehner
Apply a thin line of liner along the base of your lashes on the top and bottom. Here are some tips to create different effects:
* To make eyes look more wide range, starting with your line a quarter of the way out of the interior angles. The beginning should be very thin, and grow a little wider around the edge. * To make the eyes and a very broad and seems more applicable to the small amount of shade the darkest shade only in the vicinity of the interior angles of each lid and start lining your right to the inside edges of your lash line.
Step Three: Make Up
Mascara looks best when it is applied only on the tips of your lashes. Repeated brush strokes and light must be separated between the lashes and build coating that nicely blackened, and runs the length of your lashes. Take great care not to leave blocks of mascara on the lashes. The idea is to make it look as natural as possible.

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