Saturday, March 13, 2010

lways been fascinated with Mystical and

always been fascinated with Mystical and Sacred Art of Mendhi! Mehndi is a traditional art from South Asia and India that is applied to skin during celebratory occasions. Even though I had a traditional Western wedding, I had mehndi designs drawn on my hands))) So I thought a lot of time how I could designed something similar to mehndi ornaments, but if there will be opportunity to wear it and take off when I want! I created an unique pattern and made my first mitt looking like henna art). This design are lacy, curly, delicate, tracery and pretty unique! The MitTians wears through little finger on left or right hand! As crocheted fabric is very stretchy and adjusts to wearer's shape, this mitt easily fit on arm size 7-8 and finger diameter 1,8-2"{4,5-5,5 cm}.
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