Wednesday, November 18, 2009

decreased whaost weight and my comple

ooks like Son Tae Young isn't the only mama who got her body back. Park Kyung Lim's post-baby looks better than her pre-baby body. Park Kyung Lim has lost 1withinmonths of delivery. Her baby was born January 16th, a healthy boy weighing 3.5kg
Park Kyung Lim was featured on the 19th for a Women's Apparel Shopping Mall, New York Story's New Merchandise catalogue shoot. Park Kyung Lim revealed "During the time of my pregnancy and birth, I wanted to present a new side to the fans that loved and waited for me. I wanted to greet them in good health. In addition, according to my obgyn & my doctor I had to lose my baby weight by exercising diligently within the first 100 days after giving birth in order to be healthy. After giving birth to my son, I was disappointed that I lost exactly his weight but after nursing I lost weight and my son gained weight. That was another happiness."
n addition to pictures from the shoot, they have also released Park Kyung Lim's diet + exercise
"The weight I lost from nursing lost its elasticity so I started yoga. When you're nursing it's important to have a healthy caloric intake. Starving yourself is hurting your health as well as the nursing baby's so it's a definite no-no. After a month and a half of nursing I added swimming and decreased whaost weight and my comple

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