Wednesday, November 18, 2009

eatured some very important

miyavi announced the release of a special limited edition DVD that will only be available at his Hibiya Yagai dai Ongakudou concert on April 5th. The DVD will contain footage from his second solo concert, back in October of 2003, which also took place in Hibiya Yagai dai Ongakudou, and featured some very important guests, such as PATA (X JAPAN), Chirolyn (ex-hide with Spread Beaver and Shinya (ex-LUNA SEA). Second Live 「Nariagari (shaku)」 2003.10.19 at Hibiya Yagai dai Ongakudou will be released as a box-set featuring two deluxe photo booklets with pictures from that live and pictures from his days with

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