Wednesday, November 18, 2009

for her new mini-album which will

ccording to a VOV Cosmetics representative, "Nam Gyuri was supposed to attend our VOV showcase (How to make up) on the 20th. But because of a recent injury that she suffered to her ribs causing her pain, it's not possible for her to participate in this event." Nam Gyuri was apparently in so much pain that she was warded yesterday and couldn't quite move about. Thankfully, many of her friends came to the hospital to visit her and alleviate her pain.
According to Gyuri's management, "Gyuri has to receive treatment because of her injured ribs and thus she is unable to take part in the cosmetics company event. That event will be postponed to a later date until she recovers." The injury to her ribs apparently occured while she was rehearsing for her new mini-album which will

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