Thursday, November 5, 2009

you've been over to the Urban

you've been over to the Urban Decay website recently, you'll notice that they're currently crushing on Cory Kennedy. Now this isn't exactly earth-shattering, as the news has been out for a while that she was tapped as their newest model for spring '08, but whenever I see or hear of Cory Kennedy, I continually ask myself: who is that girl, again? And funnily enough, the brand realizes you may also have no idea who this so-called "it" girl is either – they have a page called "Who is Cory Kennedy" to fill you in on all of her fashionista/L.A.-hipster/blogger meanderings: "Cory is effortlessly cool. Her hair is perfectly tousled. She has big doe eyes. She's fashionable and well-connected. And she doesn't even seem to care..." So basically, she's a nobody pos

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