Thursday, November 26, 2009

lat in the Nibbana Housing society in the

emarks made by Emraan Hashmi. The Serial Kisser had alleged that he was denied apurchase a flat in the Nibbana Housing society in the Bandra locality because he was a Muslim. Although his god father Mahesh Bhatt stood in support for the Murder star top Bollywood stars have criticised him for his remarks.
Salman slammed Emraan’s comments and said had religious profiling happened in this country Emraan Hashmi would not have been a star. He added that the testament to the secular nature of this country is the stardom that he, Shahrukh and Aamir have achieved. He said that such an incident could have happened due to Emraan’s individual character rather than his religious beliefs. Salman however appealed to the housing society to give and NOC to Emraan.
Shahrukh brushed aside the issue stating that such incidents should not be given importance. He said that in the past

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