Thursday, June 10, 2010

Haircut for your Face Shape

Last spring, almost inch of hair that has worked hard for two years, ten cut. That's a bit hard, and I cried for days of lost hair. But I seriously need to change. For me, spring is about reinvention. Although the cutting of the hair several times a year, meeting the spring of my stylist, I use the new length, size and color. The last traces of winter have faded, there is a new idea for a new season, and thus the rest of their plans to embrace the trend.

Who, like me, are tired of their signature dishes, dozens of trend can be tested in the spring of 2010. However, a new hairstyle Reese Witherspoon magazine sites torn from the living room before you come as an important detail - the way it will face. Every year thousands of women on the receiving side of a catastrophic haircut, the stylist was not very happy to be cut with scissors, but ignored, because they have a different bone structure and not the applicant, the magazine photos.

Yes, sir, before leaving to re-invent the kind of face, how to choose the right size for a quick summary. To spend the rest of the summer, a disaster to the top of his new hair does not want to hide.

Although there are dozens of types of faces, faces four most common forms / oval, heart and class length.

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