Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Dresses For Juniors

Unlike women, men have a constricted variety of clothing to pick from. There may not be many styles to pick from, but one can surely experiment with fabrics. The essentials that you need to have is a white shirt and a white t shirt. They never go wrong. White summer dresses for women and white apparels for men are the epitome of summer wear. The next thing you need in your wardrobe is a short sleeve shirt, which can be worn for lazy Sunday brunch. This will also keep the discomfort of sweat at bay. If you thought cut-off denims shorts with unruly strings are meant to make you look macho, then you are clearly wrong.

Comfortable and well stitched shorts is what you juniors need. These can be spruced up with the white T-shirt! Want to know what women want? A khaki clad man with a lightweight shirt hanging loosely over his chiseled shoulders, is good enough to make us go crazy! So yes, khaki chinos are a must have this summer. Cargo pants are also perfect for camping to beat the heat! Also read more on men’s clothing.

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