Monday, June 14, 2010

Kids Hairstyle

Young girls with short hair can be easy to maintain. Hair length should go to a small ear in the past a very simple style. One example is Dakota Fanning, who looks lovely in many sports in the short hair. Another good example is the Brittany Ashton Holmes who played Darla in Little Rascals, it was too cute short hair. Conducive to active girls with short hair, because they are not all tangled up when the game can be cleaned easily be her mother.

Medium hair
There are many different hair styles, girls hair of medium length. Because the hair between long and short term here, good washing and brushing is required, but more cautious in the case of high entanglement leisure activities such as swing. Hair in order to make up to provide a wealth of lovely hair. Kiss from the lovely braided hair and the end, there are many to choose from. Our favorite is the Dakota Fanning and back two days from the first 7 days, 鲁思亚卡姆 Teng cute with his curly hair.

Long hair
The entire length of the hair longer than shoulder is generally not recommended the young girl, unless you take the time to take care of their hair. If you watched the movie "Curly Su", the little girl's hair is very long, curly, but many parents need to understand is that it can be knotted and dirty. So just like adult hair, it is necessary to take care of girls with long hair. If you decide to use a longer length of hair, lovely hair before. Lovely braids is probably the best choice for a whole day, but need more time, because they are less likely to get entangled. Otherwise, just down the hair will be the best looking. For special occasions, adding curls or waves of light, and even their hair in buns cute cute.

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