Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Such a large proportion of Desi Girls

However, I must say that I am very interested in new styles came to collect the MAC store in the black next month. Although I am sure that the product will soon be selling like all those before, I think the collection of artificial, boring, quite average.

MAC is a bold and innovative in its appearance and behavior. But they never gave up the ball on this one. Black nail polish: Completed. Black eye shadows: use and abuse. Black lip gloss loan Yves Saint Laurent has collected a year ago. That the MAC appears to repackage old ideas and trying to cheat us, that new, fresh and tension. Look, perhaps, (if you're curious, Gothic chicks), but the complete lack of imagination.

This does not mean that I do not buy products, I'm crazy, black, and is very tempted to try a cheaper version of Yves Saint Laurent black gloss in the autumn of last year (I can imagine my friend, electronics, avoiding the table now, and is distributed unfriend my Facebook - not fan, I was terrified choice of colors). Yes, I spend $ $ $, a new collection. But I think the MAC will give users a little more credit and take our stuff a little more original and entertaining.

A collection of articles I think are worth a try exfoliating volcanic ash in a limited edition (if not a folder, just to laugh): "Yes, it does not contain: Volcanic ash, along with crystal sugar and natural enzymes. This product was released some time ago in a very short time, has received rave reviews. MAC finally return to the scenario. If you have any allergies or sensitive to sulfur products you want to skip this one.

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