Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Healthy Hair Style

* Pure coconut oil scalp massage. It also will help hair growth.
* Add onion, coconut oil has been boiled. A mixed beans and water consumption and cooked (boiled) rice washing powder.
* Fingertips on the scalp with almond oil and a mixture of kiwifruit juice was added.
Olive oil, lemon juice, coconut oil hot mix application *. Can wrap a steam towel for 15 minutes, rinse hair with shampoo.
* Apply paste of fenugreek and mustard skull.
* Shikakai powder mixed with rice water discharge and use it to wash hair.
Five petal hibiscus flower * crushed leaves and juice take. Wash hair with this juice.
* Heat a little oil and Kapoor. Scalp massage oil and applied for 10 minutes. Wash hair with herbal shampoo after 30 minutes. The steam towel wrap for 15 minutes.

Hair healthy, shiny to

* The healthy growth of hair as the use of castor oil is better.
* Wash hair, tea for a week.
* Application of besan in the hair and wash with water drained from rice.
* Soak in a glass of milk a few Kiwi two hours. It as a paste, apply to hair.
* Apply mix egg whites, 2 teaspoons oil, 1 teaspoon glycerin, scalp and hair. Period of time after washing.
* 1 hour before washing with warm coconut oil massage hair. Soak it. Cover your head with a hot towel to wash your hair after an hour or so.
Hibiscus flowers in coconut cooking oil *. Filter and control hair loss and thinning hair oil to use.
* A 'steam up' towel once in a while, if you damage the cuticle, as this steaming opens out to absorb the oil pores.
* Deep condition with curd, beer and eggs.
* The solution of washing hair with warm water and add a little vinegar. The dull, lifeless hair will increase the rebound.
* 1 teaspoon fenugreek in curd and keep soaking night. It's the next morning.
* Boiling coconut oil and curry leaf juice, basil, hibiscus flower and gooseberry. To apply the hair, rinse it and take some time.
* Egg whites, tofu is a good conditioner.
To 1 cup of coconut and mustard oil *. Mix ½ cup of oil to the curry and a night. The next morning, gentle heat, until curry leaves turn crisp. Remove from heat and add three to four balls Kapoor. Allow oil to cool, then strain. To apply oil, separation and circular massage action with the hair root with cotton wool. The next morning, leave the oil overnight and shampoo. Repeat twice a week.
* Add lemon peel to 'shikakai and' anti-laundering law of mixing 'money, and wash your hair.


* A little henna, an egg, ½ lemon, juice of one tablespoon instant coffee powder required. Mix them together, apply to hair. Wash after 45 minutes.
One cup of kiwi fruit dry 4 cups of water *. Add a little sugar. To keep boiling until the liquid volume to reduce to 1 cup. Mix 2 cups Mehendi, eggs, lemon juice and solutions for hair gooseberry. Two hours after hair washing.

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