Sunday, June 13, 2010

Women Shoes

You can not really predict whether the design of shoes and Fendi handbags. Sometimes classical, sometimes they go where the public or a file. That we, the casual designs and logos, together, can tell you the chain of Fendi Platform Pump.

Manatee leather in leather, the chains shows Fendi front platform pumps really fat. Notch on the country held its fifth and fifth again, somehow, along with the charm of the sexiest women in the hands of the pump to transport. Walk to the front, but, again, no tons of gold link chain, making them shiny and tough, even daring. So to the conclusion there is shiny gold tone buckle and strap Slingback.

Fendi Platform Pump front chain, such as two inches of the platform, making it 56 inches tall to face the station is confident.

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