Friday, July 23, 2010

Hair Style

If I quit expecting our second child was a girl, I was excited and less relevant. I have never had a sister, so excited that two years is the result of its growing concern for my village because we are pretty hard to set the hair and the hair was flat with the child every morning, does not speak the hair of another girl. I thought that the only way to act at all, if I have a personal stylist, the hair is simply a commitment to solve the problem! Now I've given up the dream, when I knew that my perspective has changed and I had to learn a few tricks.

When I was a little girl, long hair, I rarely went to school in a low, no ponytails or French bands I recall my mother, I'll go with the braces, and I thought that one day I won the lottery, because my hair is like, though I still sleep the night before the machines stuck in my head all night. I knew that such an approach may not work with my two daughters, my mother was one of concern. I knew immediately that I had to reduce the "standards".

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