Thursday, July 8, 2010

Short Hair Style


Are you ready for a dramatic change in hairstyle? Nothing makes more of a chic statement than a sassy, short hair cut. Why hide your face behind a mop of long hair when you can show it off with a sassy short hair cut? Here are some great reasons to take the plunge and adopt a short hairstyle:
1. Nothing could be easier to take care of.
Imagine being able to jump out of bed, shake your head a bit and your hair looks fantastic.
With the right short hair cut you can do that. Think of all the time and hassle you’ll save. Plus, on mornings when you do wash your hair, it’ll dry quickly, meaning you’ll spend less time dealing with your hairdryer. With short hair, you have the option of towel drying your hair, fluffing it with your fingers, and then allowing it to air dry. Why waste the day trying to dry your hair?
2. You’ll show off a pretty face.
If you have an interesting face, short hair will frame it beautifully so people will see YOU, not your hair. The right short hair cut can do a lot to enhance your best features and play down the ones you’re not so happy with. It all lies in getting the right hair cut.
3. It looks professional.
A person with short hair on a job interview is going to be seen as more professional and dedicated to a career. After all, you won’t be perceived as the type of person who spends hours in front of a mirror styling your long hair before you come to work. Short hair may make it easier to be taken seriously on the job.
4. It has more impact!
Short hair can be bold, sexy ,and ultrachic. There’s something about a woman in a short hair cut that suggests confidence and flair. She doesn’t hide behind a mop of long hair but shows her face to the world. That’s sexy!
5. It can make you look younger.
Long hair tends to drag down an aging face, making it look tired and sallow. A short hair cut with lift and body may be all you need to look like you’ve had a face lift.
6. It’s great for the health club.
Have you ever tried to exercise with long hair? It’s a challenge! No matter how you pull it back, stray hairs come lose and fall in your face as you suffer on the treadmill. Exercise is hard enough without having to worry about your hair. If swimming is part of your exercise routine, a short hair cut is even better. Your hair will fit easily into a bathing cap. There are many people who won’t even bother to swim because their long hair is such a hassle at the pool.
7. It’s versatile.
You can do so many things with a short hair cut. It can be blown ultra straight and sleek, pin curled for a sassy look, spiffed up with a curling iron, and enhanced with dozens of hair accessories. You can try a different look every day.
8. It’s a great way to redefine yourself.
Have you recently lost weight or made a major change in your life? One of the first things women do when they’ve made a major life change is to get a haircut. A short hair cut lets the world know you’re a new person in no uncertain terms. You no longer need to cling to the crutch of having long hair. It’s time to show the world who you’ve become.
There are some great reasons to get a short hair cut. If you’re going to do it, make sure you find a hairdresser who can help you select the right short hair cut for your face and personality. A well thought out hair cut can make all the difference in how you feel about your hair and about

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