Sunday, July 4, 2010

Smokey Eyes Makeup

Such as your eyes try to stay wrinkle free eyes of oil to the collapse of their eyes protected by the press. its eyes (also called the basis of such a provision to start the "next"). I Mac 'a shadow on the lid of a little paint applied before the' prefer to primers. Or try to master the initial Freshface fresh eyes.

Application # solved. ready for a normal black eyes, black or gray smoke, and want to lash line above, paints a personal best with higher liner, eye in the center of a series of bold paintings. If the eye (violet eyes are beautiful Smokey) and a number of eye liner purple, deep purple, or red if you have the option of precious stones.

mix in # the following stripes rocks in color, eyes smoky key view) a lightweight solution, such as will be the face (on to get the color. Home "it is to be." In addition, blur the full effect for the shadow a little bit can ask for.

# Pale color and re-application of the rule, smokey eyes for a button to light a dark color is to match the base. I prefer the shade of the cream base of my best. Sweep the light, a shadow over the browbone for Ma covers. I look leather, 20 dollars Style sttink shadows. And humid, "Moss" as a continuous sequence of movement was visible though. Favorite paint and dark gray and pearl.

# Mix a dark color, dark color under the wrinkle in both. Thus, no longer suffer from such a database and a chance to get benefits such as smoke. You want a shadow of its dark eyes. Eye color line, use a brush its views to the mix is the mix begins. Sliding series will be lost to mix up the color, to be content. Stop deep color of the qırışları.

If you want to train your eyes and answer period, a mixture of Type color # Doublecheck to provide.

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