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Taking a brief walk down memory lane, there has not been one celebrity event this year where long

Hairstyles 2010
There are only a few months in 2009, when it comes to hair, and can be used this month, both emerged from the shorter lock or creases continue to seek new and clean. Known events in the summer and autumn display a glimpse of what is very popular today and tomorrow what will be popular, especially hairstyles for 2010.

Search nature still life

During the walk down memory lane, and there is a state famous for many years, and natural hair does not dominate. Long hair is a canvas Without Borders shorter style can be designed with some of the footage and gangs. Without a doubt, will be filled in 2010, with the emergence of a more natural, as well as in 2011, 2012 and beyond. Queen of the pattern of natural, Kim] [Kardashian], Ashley Tisdale and Megan Fox.

, Aimo - The birth of a new one?

Thank you for your photos from the Teen Choice Awards in 2009, we can not possibly have seen the last of a pattern of the caliph. It seems fame Twilight Kristen Stewart, on the carpet with style directly from the booklet How Emo messy. A new style and edgy, but can not find out the truth for all.

Not too short / not long

Fashion experts predict the long shoulder of the most popular styles in the year 2009, which may be right. Each year, was photographed celebrities such as Christina Applegate become and Drew Barrymore with a key length of the shoulder. In many cases, however, is a hair updo with enough left to flow such as shoulder length do.

Shorter and better

Will be in every list of hairstyles, the shortest of all the dos are popular for a few celebrities. This year, you will like with a shorter dos be a little surprising. Katie Holmes, Camilla Belle, Halle Berry have all seen with various shortcut. Halle Berry always looks well in the short hair, pixie cut, but taking things to a new level. Pixie cut very short and curly and stylish appearance.

Camilla Belle prefer retro style shortcuts. The scan only pony in the back of the ear and cut classes enhanced curls big. Spare Katie Holmes is more similar to Victoria Beckham. The razor sharp cutting edge and bottom of the ear.

The back of this type of celebrity in every red carpet this season, which means that they will continue to People in 2010. You can not go wrong with the old style that can be customized to look shorter and more non-traditional when the time comes. But if your hair needs to be a new beginning, and pixie cut is the best way to overcome all the damage and stay in style.

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