Monday, July 26, 2010

Wavy HairStyles

Almost a very sexy volume, some old techniques with new technologies Shampoo settings.
And, first wash your hair with volumizing shampoo and conditioner - Inflation these products in the hair shaft, making hair thicker.
2nd Performance: the size of a tennis ball at Moss volumizing hair and comb, because each branch falls. The dry hair, but not all - should be about 80 percent drier.
3rd While still hot, split hair dryer of hair, and in Sections 80-10 is high wind and waves. Keep the whole blow-dry.
4th Remove the brush and roller, but not. Instead, the leaders of the party on the head and the hair volumizing paint a bit by the roots.
Five. Shake the eyes with his fingers. Again, do not wash, because it will crash.

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