Thursday, February 17, 2011

Applying Eyeliner Tips

Eyeliner can be even small eyes appear larger. Applied correctly, it is important you do not want this line to be too dark, hard eye or excessive risks you are looking for. Here we share our favorite tips and tested solution, but it's true, and then give instructions on how to apply the basic eye, eyes, and smoke, bold eye cat's eye.

Types of Eyeliners

Eyeliner comes in different forms:, pencil hair liquid, tip pen, pencil cake, eyeliner. We each have their advantages, but mostly it's all about preference. Any type of solution is performed in accordance with this law a little more, then you can try any kind of settlement before the favorite.

How to choose a color

When it comes to color eyeliners, fashion trends moved to basic black. In fact, the color black can be strong, tough, or too much on the skin. Or brown coal provides the appropriate tender look the most wear makeup during the day, especially if you have fair skin and / or blond hair. Do not be afraid to add some bright colors, which attempts to solve the night, though. Purple, green and red eyeliner to make the evening, even if hit. Next time you go to clubs One of them tried to take a fresh shadow looks fun. You can also use the money or white eyeliner at night. Add a small corner of your eyes, inside or inner edge of your cover to cover another show when your tired or weak.

Tips for implementation as:

* If your eyes are very close together, start your eyeliner on the inner corner to extend them to a small corner of the outer eye.

* If the application is very wide eyes of a cushion between the groups along the way to the inner corner of lid and use the mascara lashes mainly in the center.

* If your eyes are deep, remember a little more than forecast. Stay on the line-flagellation as possible, use a fine line.

* Will be small eyes look great when you keep the eyeliner half out of sight.

* For round eyes, only line the outer half of lid and extend the liner out slightly, and even the outer corner of the eye.

* If you have a tumor in the eye or swollen eyes, the lining of your use of the angle of approach to internal and external corner. If you look like a lining under your eyes, and stay within the edge, and under the lashes, or just exaggerating the stomach.

* Droopy eyes will perk up if you keep the students lining the edge of the penalty area.

* When your eyes are aging, and I get the crepey of view, present a solution then the direction of the thick part of the external eye. Ensure the proper stain mixture with large sponge brush.

* If you're lucky enough almond shape eyes are defined relative to the rest of your face, and have fun with the eyeliner, and look at all the work is almost great.

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