Friday, February 11, 2011

Beauty Tip: Summer Makeup

Be forewarned, as well as the importance of light will give you shine you are looking for the summer (on the elimination of all branches of the illusion of a white, beautiful blonde.) "You wash it and you yellow, brown, old can see. If you have any color your hair and your skin, top colorist Rita Hazan to" Il tells the magazine in any color. Instead, you shed the warm honey blondes, brunettes caramel tones and warm-up games will want to choose light on ways of thinking.

"We have to reflect the new color your hair, you did not look very white and" Napoleon Perdis makeup master says. "You have to warm up, just not hot to wear dark over tones, for example, you heated the soil to use eye shadow and eye color to add blue eyes shine with the aircraft. And turquoise and silver can sleep., it does not matter, because unless you use a plane and do not cover the entire eye, you do not want to end up looking for a Barbie. "

Less is more when it actually comes to make up for the summer. "Skin clean and fresh is the key" Perdis, which clearly shows the first book or a bronze color with porosity is an expert says. Says Perdis Foundation can also be used eyes, lips, nose sweater areas around the facilities and the mix and the entire front edge of the face not of course, if you stop self-conscious about the gaps are. Once you make the eyes shine and your skin is flawless, Perdis eyelashes with the end of the mascara offers and lipstick or lip gloss on lips, hands.

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