Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dark Skin Makeup Tips 2011

May 1 body and black powder, brass face try sun and peach. The colors and is suitable for dark skins.
2: Powder - Do not apply powder thing. Also, make sure to blend your makeup so no clear lines.
3: Eye shadow - you forest, medium green, purple, deep plum, medium blue, slate blue or gunmetal gray eye shadows look better. Choose a shade to use only once, and his eyes eyebrows lash line all parts of the application.
4: Eyeliner - Black, thick eyeliner you look exaggerated, and destroy the rest of your makeup.
5: Mascara - mascara a coat of brown / black or black to apply.
6: Lipstick - You light lip colors, a giant bronze, brown or red raisins shine glosses. And should not be too dark or too light colors. What the average dull colors look better.
7: Red - blushers amazing color dark skin and dark, works best on red cheeks, the pink is not his.

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