Friday, February 11, 2011

Party And Evening Makeup Tips

A translucent powder, moisturizers to use as paint, and get a matte finish. To make up the basis for this is more than enough. If you have oily skin, remember that your presence is a touch-ups, take powdered you.In If you have any skin problems, try to hide their mistakes. To hide dark circles under the eyes concealer, a foundation that your skin type and skin color and dust use to get a matte finish to match. Make sure you have the right products for their mistakes, make right shade and texture hide.

(Eyes) are a key component of eye makeup. Sure to make a lasting look, use a book. The shade is in excellent condition and make a bright color. Afraid to use strong colors, the night is to look more yellow. Face needs more contrast is seen, so be sure to highlight your eyes, eye liners and mascara waterproof you makeup.Use day working on, but more accurate if you remove them. Waterproof cosmetics are hard to remove, and if you do it right, the skin is not damaging the patient. Using eye makeup removal products to help those stubborn cosmetics.

(Oral): If you prefer a stained lip, and some tinted lip balm or a lip pencil just to go. Use it in the loop, get the lipstick to prevent staining, and if you use it for lipstick base, it makes it more durable.

(Note): Note that the makeup of a hectare bolder, more vibrant and stable please. To use colorful eyeshadows to look strong, sealants and waterproof cosmetics are not afraid to fix it. But to remove makeup, do not forget to stop early aging.

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