Friday, February 25, 2011

School Girl Hairstyles

Today, the school would be modern, and they have a new modern developed hairstyles.Many want to try new hairstyles and trendy look to make schools smart.

Pony tail

The pony-tailed t schoolgirls.They hairstyles are among the> mistake can be a great head or even the basis for neck.Both person may begin to feel and elegant organized.Ponytails both sides can wroin head are.

Half Peak

A beautiful hairstyles half the regular school ponytail.It means and also helps maintain organized.Hair top of the head of hair and be tied in a ponytail.


List type of hair style

French Ribbon

Videos in French hairstyle popular among young children and school girls in particular, are. Usually placed very close to the head, though it does not bear some of the rare French loose braids.


Cornrows hairstyle, which are slowly starting to pay, although it still teenagers and young women, as well as men is worn. It is known, is one of the most painful braiding techniques, it is also very close to wearing the head. Cornrows can be kept very basic, but they also have common creative design.


Usually among young children and also wears pigtails »School Girls stereotypical feature. pigtails of the idea is very important. They are just two braids are worn on each side of his head. At the end of each strand, often for some type of hair pigtails hair styles, how to bow dress with accessories was. It is more common in pigtails wearing loose, but you can wear them more comfortable head if you prefer.

Shag hairstyle

Shag hairstyle may be suitable for everyone and many of his beautiful hair style looks great. It's a girl who is very curly hair frizzy hair styles are suitable for or not. The hair, which layers variable, slender, and are heterogeneous. Hair changes the way you can just see his face. Hairstyles for this can be done to keep, each 6 to 8 weeks to get a good look.

Bread Hair

Hair cake looks wonderful with the girls a very small piece of the nape of the neck. Gives the hair the eye the appearance of a wonderful young women.

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