Saturday, February 5, 2011

We change Beauty

Face is the most important part of the body and shiny face is already looking very good step. We look best in any season and opportunity to love, but climate change restricts us from showing our skin is flawless. This change in temperature and other weather conditions call for adjustments in the care of your skin. Let's check out some tips care, which due to combat damage caused by climate change it can be adopted to face. In the summer the summer of the most challenging problems facing our skin care for a sunburn is. Tackle this problem, the South Pacific Forum to always build broad spectrum sunscreen with both UVA and UVB rays to protect should apply. Then apply once every 2 hours. "Too much sun exposure to skin and is running a usual one screen lotion SPF building their hair or ears, which are often neglected in the line should not forget the effect of making entry pigmentation as a result leads to "Naina Balsavar, beauty experts said.

Also due to over exposure to sun causes pigmentation. Premature aging and wrinkles, and the reason that extra care must be during the summer some of the return. "Imbalance hormornal, contamination, pollution and humidity from a variety of factors such as acne and blemishes due to skin clean really good for high humidity is not really" designer Clint Fernandes said. Hot and dry and hot and humid during the dry season, and the skin is dry and clean as a result face cream should choose locally temperature results in the open pores and oily skin moist. - Couture flowers to India "highlighted, we face two types of summer.. Boils rashes, and pimples, resulting in" at least 12 glasses of water a day to do and the loss of moisture from the skin to avoid dehydration the. "It keeps your skin and even your intestines hyderated acne or boils is due to such reasons are free from any kind of cleaning helps," he said Naina. Eat plenty of fruits and juices and juice.

Avoid fried and oily food as much as possible. All the best solution to get rid of skin problems to keep the face clean. Always follow a three step process - cleaning, moisturizing and toning. He said. "Face his a face wash regularly should be well balanced with the pH after the wash and then use the ink with an oil-free moisturizer is not much time to follow. 3 days during the tissue work to maintain at least the oil-absorbing "and Clint, procedures for recovery of course is incomplete without peeling skin. Winter season for winter as our strong cold winds and cold temperatures and low humidity may cause skin to be stressful CARE, can not let dry out.

Poor circulation to facial skin as a result of cold temperatures. As a result, sufficient food and oxygen to your skin and delay skin all the healthy, regenerative processes do not. Now, the skin loses brightness is boring. Clint also said, "and ink wash your face after a little cooler climates to avoid using heavy moisturizer your face often during the day because it will dry your skin, wash during the winter .."

"In winter, cold winds attack the skin dry, red spots and dry skin because the cream always use oil based moisturizers and skin loses moisture more rapidly than it had been renewed. And. to carry extra water in the skin and act as a barrier against the troops under the surface help moisturizers emollients external conditions, "added blooms. Trendy and fashionable to wear the glasses in the winter cold protection of sensitive areas near the eyes. During day and night to keep the wrinkles at bay a good eye cream application. Naina reported - "the lips dry and flaked, petroleum jelly, lip balms and treatments to stay away from the lips are the best solution and melted butter. And very effective in the treatment of chapped lips and makes for a soft excess . And the proper amount of nutrients to help rejuvenate the skin from the inside. Weather any water plays an important role in maintaining your skin is alive.

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